Muscle stretch between sets

As we already know, physical activity is something that is full of myths and extended beliefs and that most people believe blindly. One of them and that concerns a part of those that we train daily is the one that refers to the stretches while we carry out the exercise. As has always been said, stretching between sets is not good because the muscle relaxes and resume training costs us more. This is partly false, and that is why we want to analyze this myth thoroughly.

Stretching is necessary to maintain good muscle health and avoid the stress of exercise that is the one that eventually can cause injuries in them. Stretching is just the beginning of muscle recovery, as it helps to boost blood circulation and helps relax muscles and end the stress of exercise. But it has always been said that they should be done at the end of the training routine. This is not entirely true, since stretching between sets can be very beneficial to not accumulate too much muscle tension.

At the time of stretching we must always do it in a deep way, emphasizing well in each muscle that we have worked with the exercise. To achieve this, we always recommend spending a few minutes at the end of the session. But between each repetition, and more when we train intensely, we can relax the muscles a little with small stretches designed to relieve some of the tension accumulated in the area. These will allow us not to push the muscles to the limit and relax them a bit, so that they can deal with the next series in an appropriate way.

Contrary to what many people think, stretching between series will be a resource that we can use to avoid injuries due to voltage overload. In no case should we stretch conscientiously between sets, since in this case we will be relaxing the muscles too much with the risk that this implies when continuing to train, as the muscles will need their time to react again and in the meantime the results they will not be as we expect, besides being able to run many more risks of injury.

It is important that we take into account that small stretches between sets can be an ally in intense training. Of course, we should never forget to stretch at the end of training, because doing it timidly between sets does not mean that in the end we should not continue or that this is enough.

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