Three excesses that we make in the gym

When we train in the gym we can make mistakes that will make us not achieve our goals or that we can injure ourselves. One of those failures are the excesses in the gym, that is, training too much or taking more weight than we are entitled to, something that we are not always aware of and that will hinder our workouts.

Train with too much load

It is common to see colleagues in the gym lifting a weight that does not correspond, twisting and leaving behind the technique for lifting excess weight that is often related to the myth of a greater advancement in muscle growth but in most of the cases end in injury and in a painful execution of the exercise.

The same happens with aerobic training, where you can put too high an intensity that will make us a few minutes we can not continue with the exercise, therefore losing the exercise that aerobic component and becoming anaerobic. Aerobic means being able to do the activity for at least 30 minutes at a comfortable pace.

Train too much time

Another common excess, especially in the novice people who start training because they want to see quick results and believe that the longer the gym will be, the greater the results. To train too much time is synonymous of fatigue, exhaustion and difficulties at the time of recovering, getting everything opposite, to obstruct to the organism so that it can advance in its yield.

Being more than two hours in the gym (whenever we are training and not talking) is usually an excess, especially in people who have just started. With an hour you usually do the routines to spare, and if we want to make a little more time we can always double the morning and afternoon training, in order to give the body some room for recovery.

Passing with the collective classes


Especially if we have already done our weight routine. It is usual to see people like after weight training going to the spinning class for that reason: “define muscle”. After the weights the muscle needs food and rest to grow, not to continue crushing it one hour more at an appreciable intensity.

You also commit the excess of doing two or more collective classes on the same day and one after the other. We are in them, after having performed an activity at a remarkable intensity the body needs to rest. If we have done the class at low intensity we can afford another one, but in most situations at the end of the class the best thing we can do is stretch and rest.

Unfortunately these three excesses are usually committed in a regular way in gyms, especially as a result of the rush at the time of muscular or want to improve. Do not forget that to improve health and performance so bad is to train little as much, which can cause us a constant state of exhaustion. Do you know any other excess that is in your gym?

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