How long can we stop training without losing muscle

There are many who abandon their training routine that is to say they leave the gym and decide to rest for a while so today we will see how long we can be without training without harming everything we have already won.

To make it easy to understand we will go point by point, treating each topic separately and seeing how much time we can rest and what we can do to avoid losing what we have done in each of them, By the way, genetics plays a fundamental role in the time to retain strength, muscle and endurance during a period of non-training.

When do we start to lose muscle?

We begin to lose muscle after two or three weeks without training, although a person who gains muscle mass returns to recover quickly if he returns to his routine. This proves that the muscle memory does exist, in fact they are other factors, the muscular development means the formation of new cellular or muscle fibers, these deflate when we do not have stimulus but they do not disappear it is for this reason that the muscle develops again and fastest way.

And we talk about muscle mass as such because, as we see in this other study, after a single week without training, our glycogen stores are reduced, which means that we will see ourselves smaller in front of the mirror. As with muscle, they return to their previous state quickly.

The good news is that we can prevent all this from happening by simply doing one workout per week. To stimulate the muscle and prevent the loss, that is, to convince our body that the gained muscle is necessary and useful for our daily life.

When do we start to lose strength if we stop training?

Something similar happens with force, although perhaps we can take it a little longer. Studies suggest that up to four weeks. From there we will begin to lose strength although when we return to training we will recover it quickly, especially the beginners.

In terms of maintaining strength during a period of non-training we see how beginners can achieve it even training 10% of what they did before. That is, if you used to do three workouts a week, you could keep that strength doing only one per week. This at least during the first month of rest.

In contrast, the more advanced will need a higher volume and add some eccentric movements to retain force for a longer time. In case of talking about an injury we should do the movements that we can without pain, but always avoid stopping completely and stop training.

And what about our resistance?

If we talk about resistance we see in this study how this can be reduced up to 25% in three or four weeks of total rest. In advanced people, this reduction begins earlier, although we see that novices can maintain their performance for two weeks without training at all.

If we want to make sure we do not lose any resistance for four weeks or more, we should train at least 40% of the time we did before and it is important to maintain the same intensity.

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