Uncontrolled bulking

Many of the assiduous trainers with loads (weights) in the gym, over time we have been learning, reading different sources, which is the most optimal way to achieve our goals. In terms of aesthetics, many are still unaware that the uncontrolled volume stages are not efficient, despite the fact that many bodybuilders apply this.

It should be noted that we are not bodybuilders and we do not use some substances that they use, so we can not carry out a process in the same way they do. I want to make it clear that I respect, although I do not share the use of chemical substances to achieve any goal, and particularly I do not recommend it because of the risks it can cause to our health.

Bulking or uncontrolled volume

First of all I want to make clear what I mean with a stage of uncontrolled volume. A stage of uncontrolled volume is one in which it is intended to gain muscle mass, increasing body weight as much as possible, regardless of the excess fat that is obtained.
We must be clear that our body throughout the year has a limit when it comes to generating muscle mass, so that the total possible gains over a year will be approximately the following:

• Men: in the case of men, you can earn between 2 and 4Kg per year when you are a rookie. With the passing of years that number will be reduced to 500g per year (of lean mass). Each genetics is different, but in general terms these are the figures that are usually handled.

• Women: in this case, the figures are reduced to half of those of the male sex, due precisely to the lack of testosterone that makes it more complex for a woman to grow muscularly.

Based on these figures, it is advisable in a volume stage, not to increase more than 300g – 400g weekly in the case of men and 200g – 300g in the case of women, even if the rise is slower, we will make sure that it will be more controlled and that what we will increase the most will be lean mass instead of fat.

Of course, if our goal is to grow, we must necessarily see an increase in weight (it does not have to be weekly, but yes over time, it can be every two weeks or even a month).

Disadvantages of a stage of uncontrolled volume

You can think: “Well, I do not care, I think that if I go up like this, I will increase my muscle mass much more and then define myself I will look bigger”, however the reality is very different. To begin with, by gaining more fat, we will need more time to define and surely lose more muscle mass than we have gained over time, but not only that:

• Decreased sensitivity to insulin: one of the disadvantages of performing these types of stages is that by acquiring more volume increasing our body fat, our sensitivity to insulin will decrease and this will hinder muscle growth.

• To more fat, easier to store fat: when we increase our fat percentage, our body has more facility to continue storing fat, which makes it totally inefficient.

• Storage of fat in a specific area: generally when fat is increased indiscriminately, the body begins to store more body fat in the same area that will then be very complex to eliminate.

• Metabolic damage: Excessively increasing our body fat often leads to certain metabolic damage and the storage of “unruly” fat that will later cost us much more to eliminate.

• Exceeding too much calories: it is true that you need to have a caloric surplus in the diet to increase lean mass, but if we increase more than 1 – 1.5Kg per month, we will be gaining too much body fat in the process.

Gaining muscle mass is a slow process

Should try to increase weight is about 4Kg or 5Kg and think that a greater increase can lead to negative effects such as decreased sensitivity to insulin with all that entails, including a deterioration in muscle mass gain .

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