Children can lift weights?

Nowadays it is still very common in many occasions the typical phrase “do not train with weights that are going to look bad, wait to develop to start with muscle building”.

Despite the various studies cited that support the multiple benefits of strength training in children, there is still a fairly large group in society that continues to think about training with high weights, delay growth in children, today We wanted to tell you where this myth comes from.

The origin of the myth

In the 70s, Japanese researchers devoted themselves to analyzing and studying the children who worked in the factories. These children are dedicated to moving heavy loads for many hours throughout the day. Despite being so active, these children did not have strength, they were weak and short.

With this simple analysis, we reached the wrong conclusion of the formation of the force slowed down the correct growth in children and also prevented the development of force in them.

The conclusions were quite clear, supposedly the work with the charges.

These conclusions, together with the observation of the great majority of the weightlifters, were of short stature, they erroneously erroneously made that the work with the loads was harmful for the growth in the children.

Short stature and low strength due to bad nutrition.

The truth is that the main reason that children were not strong and were short was their malnutrition. The children did not eat properly, which meant that they did not develop correctly and that they did not have any strength.

In relation to weightlifters and their stature generally low, is not more than a natural selection, since, people of short stature have mechanical advantages over people who have greater height when lifting weights.

Thus, the conclusions obtained from this analysis were erroneous, to such an extent that recent studies confirm that working with loads in children is not only harmful, but beneficial and essential.

Strength training in children is benefits

Strength training in children is based on neuromuscular mechanisms, not on the basis of hypertrophy, thereby gaining strength without greatly increasing their muscles. Thanks to this gain in strength, their tissues are more resistant and have less risk of injury in other sports disciplines.

In short, a good weight training plan for children carried out by an adult expert in the field, will promote muscle and bone development of these, also helping to prevent injuries.

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