This is a method very used especially in the stage where we do not notice physical changes in a long time, it is ideal to get our muscles out of the comfort zone, this method has a very high requirement so I recommend that you perform your routines in base to this method at most 3 times per week until completing all the muscle groups.


The 10×10 method is ideal to apply to the whole body but it is better to use it on muscles of the upper and lower extremities, not for abdominal or back for example, however it can be used.

Personally I use this method in triceps, biceps, quadriceps, femoral muscle, calves and buttocks are the muscles that usually stagnate and this method helps to get out quickly.


This method should be used with a load that allows 10 to 12 repetitions maximum, once again it is advisable to have the help of a partner or a coach, the method is named because we must perform 10 repetitions 10 times ie In total 100 repetitions throughout the routine, the resting time between series should be 10 to 30 seconds depending on the physical condition in which we find ourselves. This method is for advanced people in training I do not recommend that it be done in beginners.

I usually apply the method in isolated or as isolated muscles as possible, for example if I am going to work quadriceps floor heating with a machine without weight or with very little weight, I immediately charge the machine with a weight that allows to perform 10 to 12 repetitions At the most, in this case I will use the leg press to partially isolate the quadriceps, finishing the 100 repetitions I direct myself to the free squat or to the exertions to work again with a partial isolation, once the 100 repetitions are over I am directed to the machine Leg extension for complete isolation of the quadriceps before finishing the routine. I forgot to mention that when we finish the 100 repetitions we can rest 2 to 3 minutes since the series are exhausting.


During the routine we should take breaks of 30 to 40 seconds to complete the 100 repetitions, ie 10 repetitions followed by a break of 30 seconds and continue with the next 10 repetitions, as for the pause after the 100 repetitions we should rest at least 2 minutes to catch your breath and strength before you start with another machine.

The recovery time after the complete routine should be at least 48 hours but I personally recommend that it be 72 hours before performing the 10×10 method again.

This method does not require a phase of muscular fatigue, the series is quite long and fatigue the muscle in advance does not allow to perform the routine with the maximum potential, do not forget that it is a method to remove the muscles from stagnation, the use of this type of routines for long periods of time can produce over training or muscle fatigue, this due to the intensity of the routine.

Do not forget to seek the help of a partner or train to complete the series, in addition to avoid injuries, this method usually comes to muscle failure so we do not have enough control to properly finish the series.

I appreciate that you read my articles, if you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me, regards.

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