A good training partner can be the difference between getting the desired results or failing in the attempt, it is very important to get a person who has the same goals that we can grow together with the same goal. If we can not get a training partner would be a good alternative a personal trainer who is responsible for monitoring our movements and pay attention to any failure.


Our training partner or personal trainer should be a person that keeps us permanently encouraged and above all be a support when we lose motivation, the partner must also have a lot of willpower and discipline.

Especially when we start getting fit we need a lot of motivation to keep track of the goal, the results may take a while to appear and it is very easy to fall back on bad habits.
Even if you think that it is better to exercise yourself, the right partner can force you to give more strength and energy than you are giving in a way that encourages you to do more repetitions.

It’s one thing to give up your own training, but it’s much, much harder to get rid of a training session when you know you’re going to disappoint your training partner that’s not to mention the tension that’s going to exist when you see it again.

Additionally, having a training partner means that you have to plan your training ahead of time so that it complies with the schedules of each one, and once it is planned, it is much more likely that you will continue with that.

These are some simple benefits that you can get by getting yourself a training partner, and if you take a moment, you surely can think of a few more.
The point of having a good training partner is to push yourself far beyond your fitness goals, faster than if you were alone.


Not always the personal trainer or instructor is present throughout the training, and we need a person to make sure that we perform the exercise with the correct technique, also when we already have a good muscular development and strength is very important a partner who does not help with the last repetitions before the failure, or in routines where we can injure ourselves.

In addition a training partner can help you lift more weight, we can also perform only eccentric or only concentric workouts or routines with negative series for example, things that we could not do alone.


Most of us are competitive, and healthy competition is a good thing because it makes you perform better.
One study has very interesting findings in this: participants perform better when they are paired with a training partner who is more fit than they are.

When you pair with a partner who has a better physical condition than you, it produces an effect of becoming the strongest, or not wanting to be the weakest link.


If we find a universe where everything is perfect it is very possible that our training partner is a professional in this field or a Mr. Olympia for example, but if this is not the case as in most of the cases, I suggest that they look for professional help to optimize your workouts and avoid injuries, many times we let ourselves be guided by videos that we saw on YouTube or exercises that we read in a blog, without realizing that each person has different characteristics and these workouts may not suit us, a Professional study movements and has skills to improve workouts, it is for this reason that I recommend that you seek professional help at least to start.

With this article I do not want to say that it is not possible to reach an optimal state without a training partner, I did not have one and I consider having achieved my results alone, I have several studies where I studied the different muscular movements and checked them with myself, if I consider that maybe the results would be better if I had had a friend, however if possible.

Thank you I hope the article is to your liking, I would like to know if you have a training partner or not, and your experience in the gym, thanks

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