The quadriceps receive this name because it is a muscle formed by 4 different parts all the muscles perform the function of elongation and leg flexion so we will focus on these exercises to stimulate all the fibers of the quadriceps or front of the leg.

We start with a short warm-up, if our goal is to gain muscle volume the ideal is to perform localized warming to avoid depleting our glycogen stores and lose strength during training, if our goal is to gain strength or resistance we can take about 5 to 10 minutes with a Slow race before starting the routine.

In this routine we will stimulate red and white muscle fibers this because we do not know exactly which ones predominate in our body, both stimuli will be performed in the range of hypertrophy that is 8 to 15 repetitions, in this way we guarantee muscle damage and metabolic stress , do not forget that the technique must be adequate throughout the range of movement of our muscles.


• 3 x 15 Quadriceps machine without weight and controlling the movement (same speed of rise and fall 1 second of concentric exercise and 1 second eccentric exercise) let’s not forget that it is the warming

For the whole routine we should look for a weight that we are capable of lifting for about 20 repetitions and another that we are only able to lift for 10 to 12 repetitions, then I will explain why we chose two pesos before the routine.

It receives the name of 15 – 12 – 15 because in each series we must work first with the weight of 20 repetitions immediately with the weight of 12 repetitions and we finish with the weight of 20 repetitions again, all this without rest we only stop to adjust the weight, when we finish the 3 sub series we will have completed the first step and will repeat it 3 to 4 times. Each time we finish a full series we can take a break of 40 to 60 seconds.

For example a person is able to lift a weight of 20Kg during 20 repetitions but can only lift 30Kg during 12 repetitions, therefore exercise will be as follows:
• 1×15 20Kg
• 1×12 30Kg
• 1×15 20Kg
This represents a single series with a break of about 5 seconds or whatever it takes to change the weight, this routine is ideal for people who train with devices or people who have help to change discs or dumbbells. Very well now that we have the bases set we can start the routine.


• Leg extension device (1 minute rest between sets)
-1×15 average weight
-1×12 maximum weight
-1×15 average weight
• I remind you that this represents a single series we must repeat the circuit 3 times or if we have an optimal physical condition 4 times.


• Squats with dumbbell (1 minute rest between sets) feet shoulder width, the squat must exceed 90 degrees to optimize the exercise, can perform it next to a mirror if we are alone or ask for help from a partner to verify our position.
-1×15 average weight
-1×12 maximum weight
-1×15 average weight
• This represents only one series, in the same way we must repeat it 3 to 4 times depending on our physical condition.


• Leg press (1 minute rest between sets) we will work with the feet shoulder width in the lowest part of the platform to put the feet, we must prevent the hip to rise when we perform the repetitions, the knees must arrive at a maximum of 170 to 175 degrees never to put them straight completely
-1×15 average weight
-1×12 maximum weight
-1×15 medium meso
• Again, this represents a series repeated 3 to 4 times depending on our physical condition.

With this exercise we finish the part of hypertrophy with maximum weight then we will perform a routine for muscle congestion, this is very useful to bring nutrients and blood to the area worked and also to stretch the muscle fascia and maximize the hypertrophy and results of the routine .


We perform a routine of 7 series with a weight with which we can perform a maximum of 15 repetitions, the rest between repetitions will be maximum 30 seconds to ensure pumping and congestion, I recommend for this routine to use the quadriceps device because we can vary the weight quickly as the series pass, we start:

• 7×15 maximum weight, we can finish the routine with only 12 repetitions at least, do not forget the rest of 20 to 30 seconds to maximize blood pumping.

Finally we complete the routine of legs with a stretch, the stretch can be performed after 1 minute of the last series, we must emphasize the quadriceps, do not forget that muscle stretching is very important to start muscle recovery and improve our mobility .

With this routine we guarantee the 3 important points for muscle hypertrophy, metabolic stress, stress or muscle stimulation and muscle damage or muscle injury, the recovery time will be 48 hours due to the intensity of the routine, do not forget that nutrition is essential To improve recovery times and recovery of muscle micro injuries, during rest we can train the upper body, I recommend resting at least 24 hours before performing a routine for any other muscle.

Do not forget that it is very important not to sacrifice the technique to lift more weight, we must isolate the muscle that we want to work as much as possible, also perform the movement throughout the range of the muscle. Breathing is another factor that prevents fatigue during the routine, we must breathe in the moment we perform the positive force, that is when we lift the weight and exhale when we are in the negative phase or descending the weight.

The rise and fall times or concentric and eccentric phase must be carried out in 2 times, 1 controlled rise time which can be a second and twice as long in the descent as 2 seconds, for example.

I hope this information is useful for you, they are routines that I tried them and I use them to prepare different people before their competitions, any suggestion is welcome, thanks

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