For a long time it has been the goal of many people to lose weight effectively, especially for the female gender, there are no miraculous products that get you in shape in a few minutes without dieting or exercising. The surgical method is very invasive and recovery is slow.

Throughout my career I came across many people who wanted to lose weight and apply different techniques definitely the best result I got with a hypocaloric diet or a reduced calorie diet I like to apply it with the following distribution 10% fat, 30% protein and 60% carbohydrate when I want to take care of muscle mass, otherwise we apply a 20% fat, 20% protein and 60% carbohydrate diet if my goal is only to lose weight.


I recommend a diet that is sustainable by removing only processed products such as breads, canned goods, sausages and junk food in general, in this way we get a lower calorie diet that is harmful to our health, where the person who performs the diet can maintain the diet for long periods of time, this is the big difference with a strict diet in which we can effectively lose large amounts of weight in short periods of time but that eventually due to the cravings and desires we fall back on the bad habits and recover the lost weight and even more.

There are different ways to measure the basal metabolism, which is the amount of calories that we need to keep our body alive, that is, the vital functions, the fastest method is the next one where we can calculate the calories quickly but not in the most exact way, the The first formula corresponds to a woman and the second to a man, for example:

A woman who weighs 75 kilograms should consume 75×21 = 1575 Cal, this to maintain her vital functions.

A male person with the same characteristics 75×26 = 1950 cal, requires a higher number of calories for the same conditions.
Do not forget that this is a reference only and will be used to get an idea of ​​the approximate caloric consumption, in another moment I will mention the complete formula that involves age.


We have just calculated the basal metabolism, that is, a person who does not perform any physical activity or is bedridden, for example, but if we want to calculate the daily caloric intake we must multiply the result by a factor that represents the amount of exercise we perform, for example:
A person who currently weighs 100 kg but measures 1.6 meters should weigh between 56 to 64 kilograms, therefore is overweight 40 kg on average, apply the formula mentioned above but this time with the weight we aim for example 70 kg therefore we apply the formula 70×26 for the case of a man or 70×21 for a woman in this way we will have a caloric deficit, it is also very important to consider that the caloric deficit is not too abrupt we must look for goals until we reach our goal , for example a person who weighs 120kg and wants to reach 60kg, the first goal could be 100, we perform the calculation for 100 kilos, when it reaches 100kg, we perform a calculation for 80 and finally the calculation to reach the 60, if we make the abrupt change it is most likely that the person falls back into bad habits due to the lack of nutrients that his body thinks it requires.

It is very important to reach a balance between nutrients and these should be of quality, I recommend the consumption of complex carbohydrates such as cereals and set aside simple carbohydrates such as breads and sugar that all they do is shoot insulin and the effect of satiety is minimal, with a complex carbohydrate we will maintain a permanent satiety or for a longer time, we must also distribute the meals in several parts this to keep some food permanently in the stomach and avoid going hungry, for many people it will be a very difficult change of assimilate.

I had some clients who could not contain their hunger, so I had to opt for low-calorie diets with a minimum calorie reduction between 200 and 500 calories less, this is possible if the client collaborates with an exercise routine, the changes will not be so abrupt and the adaptation is simpler.


We must take into account that it took a long time to gain the weight in which we find ourselves therefore do not despair it is very possible that it takes us a long time to achieve our objectives, it is very important to keep our objective clear, to have a lot of patience, discipline and enthusiasm, Diets and exercises require perseverance, I assure you that you will achieve your goals.

Thank you for reading my article, I will explain later about the factor based on physical activity, I will also explain the calculation of necessary nutrients, thanks

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