Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for regulating blood glucose levels, in simple words insulin is the transport of glucose molecules to receptors responsible for transforming it into energy, this is where depending on our requirements they will adhere to a muscular receptor or a fat receptor, this depends on the physical state in which we find ourselves and also on the physical activity we perform.

When glucose is trapped by a muscle receptor, both receptors are identical both the fat and muscle, the muscle stores a byproduct called glucose that is able to deliver instant energy at the time of physical activity, these deposits only deliver energy so Explosive is to say for a few minutes working at maximum capacity.

When a fatty receptor traps a molecule of glucose, it converts it into fat that is also an energetic but slow-acting reservoir, a person will not use fatty deposits except for a high caloric requirement such as fasting or with a caloric deficit but to a lesser extent.


Insulin plays against us when our fat percentages are very high, that is, when we have a higher number of fatty receptors than of muscle receptors, glucose will be divided into equal parts, both fatty and muscular, unless the muscle requires energy for a physical activity or energy as fuel, and this is the only way in which glucose does not reach a fatty receptor.

If we do not perform physical activities or we do not find ourselves in a physical athletic state, glucose is most likely to be transformed into fat, it is very important to follow a balanced diet to avoid type 2 diabetes, and it is also very important to perform physical activity regularly to ensure good use of glucose.

It is for this reason that diabetics avoid or should avoid the excessive consumption of carbohydrates and especially sugar because these raise the level of insulin beyond the necessary requirement, later explain the complication in terms of type 2 diabetes


Some bodybuilders inject insulin to raise blood levels of this hormone, it is not an activity that I recommend because it can trigger side effects not good for our health, injections are delivered in the abdominal area.

This hormone has an anabolic effect because it can transport energy quickly to the muscle therefore improving training and strength at the time of performing the routine with weights, in addition to improving muscle recovery by overloading glycogen stores in the muscle.
This practice is performed by advanced bodybuilders with a lot of muscle mass and a low fat percentage, because the glucose consumed will be equally distributed among all glucose receptors. The use of insulin for muscle development should be accompanied by a diet high in carbohydrates and proteins, an advantage of this method is that it is able to develop very rounded or inflated muscles.


When we consume food, especially foods with a high sugar content, our pancreas releases a large amount of insulin, I refer to people without health problems, a higher quantity than is necessary to process the food consumed, this is the great difference between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates, a complex carbohydrate releases insulin at low levels or levels needed to process the food.

Many people do not understand why they can not lose weight and this is one of the reasons, when we consume processed products such as masses, breads, cakes, our bodies release high levels of insulin and much of this glucose is deposited in the fatty receptors.

If you want to obtain the anabolic effects of insulin naturally you will not get great results because although the pancreas releases a peak of insulin this is not enough to be anabolic and does not last that long either.

I recommend consuming foods rich in simple carbohydrates only in the morning or minutes before an intense activity, the rest of the day I recommend consuming complex carbohydrates, granting greater satiety, and insulin levels will remain low without overloading the pancreas or the recipient cells.


I refer to this type of diabetes because it can be controlled with food, however there are two groups within type 2 diabetes, people who release insulin but the recipients are not willing to accept glucose. In this group it is very important to perform physical activity and gain muscle mass so that the recipients require a large amount of glucose from the muscle, in addition to reducing the percentages of fat. It is also very important not to consume sugar or simple carbohydrates to keep insulin levels low and glucose too.

The second group in type 2 diabetes is characterized by having a loose pancreas or releasing very low levels of insulin, it is very important to consume drugs that stimulate the production of insulin from the pancreas, in this group the most important thing is to consume complex carbohydrates to avoid that the pancreas needs to release high doses of insulin. It is very important in both groups a good physical condition with normal fat percentages 15% to 18% for men and 22% to 25% for women in addition to having a normal body weight within the range.

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