There are different methods to develop muscles is good to make changes especially if we stay stagnating ie we did not see development in several weeks or months, the body has to get used to and slow down micro muscle injuries therefore we do not see development.

Many of us make changes in our routines only by varying the weight, but sometimes this is not enough anymore so it would be good to change the exercise and also the way we do our routines, personally I like to work the muscles in different ways Each day of training, note better results than doing the same routine for long periods of time.

The method that I present below is very good to be able to change the way we exercise and also to train the different muscle fibers that we have, as we know our body has different muscle fibers but the only way to know which ones predominate in Our body would be through a biopsy, especially if our goal is to get fit and not compete this is not necessary.

We will work in the range of 10 to 15 repetitions or range of muscle hypertrophy, this for both fibers in this way the training will be more intense and we are more likely to ensure muscle development, name the method as XYX because according to the requirements or the objective that we have can vary the training, now I will detail the meaning of the X and the Y.


It is a weight with which we can perform several repetitions, a weight that should be between 50% and 60% of the maximum weight that we can lift, but for now it will be insignificant until the second would be from then on will seem tons, I tell you by experience. Do not forget that the repetitions at this point should be in the range of 10 to 15 maximum this to hypertrophy red fibers, as we do not know which are predominant in our body work both in the same training.


We must also work in a range of 10 to 15 repetitions but with a weight of 80% to 90% of the maximum weight that we can lift, when I refer to the maximum weight that we can lift, I consider that it is the maximum weight performing the correct movement without involving others. muscles or with pendular movements, with this weight we stimulate white fibers, although they are those that have more possibilities of hypertrophy in many athletes are not predominant so their development is not as significant as athletes where white fibers predominate.

You can perform this training in any part of the body, it is necessary to have control of the movement and strength to perform the exercises correctly, I always recommend that the training be done in pairs or with the supervision of a coach, this due to the weight we lift. The maximum weight that we can lift should be based on the correct technique, do not forget that the muscle should stretch and work in a wide range of movement.


For this method to be effective we must complement it with adequate breathing and it is very important also to take a rest between sets, rest will depend on the muscle we work, for example the biceps being short can be trained with shorter rest intervals for 1 minute for example , but long muscles like that of the legs require 2 minutes of rest, these intervals are recommended for this training method, other methods only require 30 to 45 seconds of rest.

Therefore in this method we will do a total of 15 repetitions with a weight of 60%, 15 repetitions with 80% and 15 more with 60% again, in total 45 repetitions for each series, I recommend working 3 to 4 series and 3 to 4 different exercises, this routine is ideal to apply on machines where it is easy to increase and reduce weight, also with dumbbells.

I appreciate that you read my article, I hope your recommendations and experiences regarding routines and training methods, thanks

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