The bodybuilders look for the increase of significant muscular mass reason why they must hypertrophy or super develop the muscles, for it several points are required to obtain the best results, this for both amateur bodybuilders and advanced bodybuilders.


We must perform strong routines where the muscle is stressed, usually the range of repetitions should be between 8 to 15 per muscle we want to work for 3 or 4 series, I recommend doing 3 to 4 different exercises per muscle group, this to ensure stress muscular located in the are that we are working, it is also very important to take into account that we must rest a minute to a minute and a half between each series, this to avoid the flood of lactic acid in the blood, later I will explain what is a super series, the benefits and the cons on this topic.

I recommend having a training friend or a person to help us perform the movements correctly especially in the last few repetitions because when working with a weight between 80% to 90% of maximum we can lift it is very risky to do the training alone. We must select the weight based on the number of repetitions we can perform, if we reach 15 it is very low but if we reach 5 it is very high, we must reach the last repetition with difficulty, in this case repetition 10 for example. As the training proceeds we can reduce repetitions because accumulated stress is very likely to be difficult or impossible to reach the last repetitions especially if we are amateur.


We must bear in mind that it is possible to reach metabolic stress without reaching muscle stress and also reach muscle stress without reaching metabolic stress, that is why we must perform several series, several repetitions and several exercises per muscle group, in this way We guarantee to reach muscle stress and metabolic stress but not 100%, to reach a metabolic stress I usually use a machine or exercise at the end of the routine where I remove approximately 50% of the weight with which I work and significantly increase the number of repetitions for example 30 repetitions during 2 series, this at the end of the routine. In this way I guarantee 100% metabolic stress. Note that the muscles swell, because they fill with blood, this is very important because the blood is responsible for transporting the necessary nutrients, oxygen, etc. To the muscle to start recovery.

Some bodybuilders use garters or bands to cut off temporary blood circulation so that they can keep muscle congestion for longer, they assure that it improves metabolic stress and therefore hypertrophy, I did not have the opportunity to perform any training in this way but I have many friends and colleagues who practice it, can implement this technique, I recommend that they perform it for short periods of time due to lack of circulation can cause other problems.


A micro muscle injury is a damage in muscle fibers, we must take into account that we can also damage the muscle fibers with few repetitions without creating metabolic stress, it is very important to reach these three points to ensure muscle development, if you noticed that the muscles are not growing is very likely that they are failing in any of these points, the micro muscle injuries are as important as metabolic stress and muscle stress, none is more important than the other, all go hand in hand.

The points that I have just mentioned are very important in a mechanical way, that is to say during the routine in the gym, but also the diet or food is very important, I will mention in another article the importance of the diet and how to guarantee the results with the feeding.

Performing a combination between feeding and the 3 points mentioned above will be very important to develop muscle hypertrophy.
Thank you for reading my article, I will be attentive to comments, recommendations and your experiences in this field, regards

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