As we know there is a large amount of diets to lose weight, gain weight, etc. One of the most controversial and also ancient is the ketone diet, it receives this name due to the release of ketones in the blood as a result of the lack of glycogen.

The ketone diet is based on low or almost zero consumption of carbohydrates, is a rigorous diet and very difficult to take it day by day, so I recommend doing it in cycles not prolonged between 5 and 20 days, it is indeed possible to sustain for more time as long as we are able to balance the nutrients and above all control the cravings.

The results are very fast compared to other diets and the best thing of all is that much of this weight lost is fat, therefore it is a highly recommended technique for bodybuilders or fitness athletes who want to define muscles quickly. The muscle loss is minimal as long as we achieve an ideal balance and accompany the diet with an exercise routine.

Our body is able to maintain energy levels without the presence of carbohydrates but it is recommended to consume at least 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrate daily, do not forget that they are fast energy sources especially sugars such as fructose, we can reduce the effects of diet as dizziness and headaches consuming a fruit before training, this will prevent us from entering ketosis but still get the beneficial effects of the diet.

Ketosis is a state where our body is forced to look for alternative sources to maintain vital functions and perform a physical activity, this state is characterized by a loss of water due to the lack of glycogen that holds the water and also a characteristic odor in the breath and even in the skin, this smell resembles the smell of an apple, in some cases the smell is similar to a metal, however this is only used for practical purposes, there are simple tests that can be taken in the urine, these tests are sensitive to ketone but should not be used for long-term tests, for this case the best thing is the blood ketone test.

Personally I obtained very good results with the practice of this diet, perform it in a cyclical way to educate your body and improve the elimination of fats, I do not recommend it for the volume stage because the lack of carbohydrates does not allow us to use our strength to optimal level, it is advisable to perform a short training and even better a HIIT workouts of 30 to 40 minutes per day, it is important not to exceed to avoid catabolism, I usually perform the ketone diet for 5 to 7 days in each cycle, that is, I perform a balanced diet for 3 weeks and the fourth week of the month a ketone diet.


Especially in this type of diet is very important to avoid the rebound effect because we are lowering carbohydrate levels our body is forced to release ketones from fat and is also drastically low so it is best to continue with a diet balanced based on our training, I recommend a low-fat diet after these 7 days of ketone diet is better to try to use a diet that can be sustainable for long periods of time, I mean diets that are simple and allow the person to convert it in a lifestyle. In this way we will educate our metabolism and our body, in addition the effects of rebound will be minimal, it is normal to recover some of the weight lost because much of this weight is water and glycogen.

It is very important not to forget that glycogen gives a rounded shape to our muscle so if we are a few days of our competition we should avoid this diet, during the period of a ketone diet it is very possible that the muscles look flat, you should not worry This is why at the moment of filling the glycogen deposits we will recover the rounded shape of the muscle.

This diet is also very useful to improve glucose sensitivity, if you suffer from type 2 diabetes for example is a diet that will help a lot but always follow up with a professional, my article is based on my experience and many theories that I read throughout my career.

A ketone diet is based on the reduction of carbohydrates consumed and the addition of healthy fats to our diet to balance it, therefore depending on our routine and the type of exercises we perform the diet could be as follows. 10% carbohydrates, 70% fats and 20% proteins, I obtained better results with the diet in this way, 10% carbohydrates, 60% fats and 30% proteins, with a minimum decrease in muscles but also less fat reduction, anyway If the ketone diet is cyclical, the results will be optimal in the same way. Do not forget that the important thing is to consume good fats usually of vegetable origin such as avocados, coconut, especially olive oil or avocado and leave aside processed fats such as those of junk food.
I hope this article is to your liking, I await your comments and recommendations, thank you

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