Synthol is a substance made from oils, alcohol and lidocaine, is a substance that due to its composition will not produce any beneficial effect for our body, was developed in the 80s to improve symmetry in bodybuilders, a kind of deception to win the competition.

As we know well bodybuilding is a muscle volume competition but above all symmetry, therefore without any study to determine the side effects was used to improve the muscle symmetry of the competitors.

There are 3 ways to gain muscle, the first and most advisable is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and also perform a routine to develop muscle hypertrophy, these bodybuilders are considered natural since they only use natural or non-synthetic products for muscle development. Another group of bodybuilders that usually stand out for having very developed bodies, a lot of muscle, big shoulders and using steroids or testosterone, now we will mention the third group that are those that use intramuscular products like Synthol to reach their goal.

This practice is very dangerous for health, as we mentioned above it does not have a beneficial effect on our health, it can be a danger to life, this product is injected intramuscularly which produces a natural inflation in the presence of an organism, which triggers in a volume increase visually since this substance is not able to increase muscle fibers or make muscles larger, only give the appearance of greater muscle mass.

Some people reached the limit with this practice to the point that an oily substance came out through the skin, these people often inject the product periodically to maintain the effects of volume.

This practice has a rapid inflammatory result, after 2 or 3 days the area injected acquires an appearance of muscular work of about 6 months, but I must remind you that the results are not muscle so some people who injected appear to have arms thick but not muscular.

This practice can cause death, it is even worse than the side effects of prolonged use of testosterone, I personally recommend the use of steroids or testosterone only for medium-term purposes in people of advanced age or who suffered a hormonal imbalance.

Thanks for reading my new article, I remind you the best results are obtained with much sacrifice and perseverance, the results take time but are worth it, improve physical conditions and especially your life, thanks and regards.

I will be attentive to my own experiences, new topics, suggestions or maybe I made some mistake when talking about this topic.

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