This protein is considered the fastest absorption and easy digestion, so it is widely used in the sports field due to its great benefits and good performance, this protein will be ready for assimilation in less than 1 hour after taking it, it is good subdivide the taking of proteins in doses throughout the day, the dose should be proportional to the weight and physical activity we perform.


Due to its easy and fast absorption I recommend consuming it right after training to optimize muscle regeneration, however it can be consumed at any time and depending on the sport we practice, it can obtain better results. If this protein is consumed at breakfast it will be used by our body to replenish the nutrient muscles after a long period of sleep. If we consume the protein before training it will be used to improve the muscle response at the time of exercise, so as mentioned before everything will depend on the results we want to obtain.

In the case of physicists who wish to gain volume, I recommend the whey protein consumption just after weight training, for strength activities I recommend the consumption of whey protein just before training and also during training. Finally for endurance workouts you can consume the protein just before training as well.

Do not forget that the most important thing is to dose the dose of the protein based on our body weight and physical activity we do, it is not advisable to consume all the protein needed for the day in one shot.


This type of protein is also very fast assimilation, the difference with the first group is that the purity of the protein is much higher, ie we consume a protein without carbohydrates and without lactose as in the first case, it is highly recommended to consume it in the Definition stage or to lose weight. I only recommend this protein for muscular definition or to lose weight since it has a significant increase in price and it is not necessary to consume it during all the training, we will obtain the same results with less money.

As in the case of whey proteins, it should be consumed immediately after exercise for the case of volume and before training for the case of resistance and muscle strength, practically both proteins behave in the same way.

I forgot to mention that this protein is ideal for people who feel bloated after taking whey protein or for lactose intolerant people, because this protein is isolated or is purer does not contain lactose or carbohydrates.


Unlike the previous proteins, the great advantage of this is that it is almost always accompanied by vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which allows the nutritional balance to be more stable, in addition protein chains are easier to break down, providing better amino acids way, whey protein is very commercial so many do not even know that other proteins exist, the absorption time is very similar in these three proteins, but I saw people get better results with beef proteins or animal meat proteins. Unlike the whey protein and the isolated protein, the meat protein has less protein contribution per service.

It is advisable to consume it after training for the case of volume training or before training for strength or resistance exercises. I must emphasize that this protein is also very good for the stage of muscular definition or to lose weight.


It is a type of protein that comes from dairy products, the absorption and assimilation of this protein is very slow approximately twice as long as the previous proteins, therefore it is ideal for periods of hunger or periods that we spend sleeping due to the fact that of slow action we will not have a moment where our muscles do not receive food, also known as periods of catabolism.

This protein prevents catabolism when we sleep for example, therefore it is ideal to consume it before going to sleep at night, it is very important to complement it with another protein mentioned above in this way we will obtain the best results.


Especially formerly the old school as they are known consumed raw egg protein in shakes during breakfast or after training, some people still do it but it is a practice that I do not recommend due to the bacteria that can enter our raw egg organism, it is best to cook it before eating it.

Fortunately, at present we have the facility to obtain a powdered supplement of this protein, they are characterized by rapidly regenerating the muscle due to egg albumin, the disadvantage of this supplement is the price because it is very complicated to isolate the protein only.

It has an average absorption time, that is, compared with whey protein is slower but compared to the casein protein is faster, I recommend the consumption of this supplement before training or before going to sleep, it is also very good to stay times of lack without food as trips for example.


Also a medium to slow-acting protein, the advantage of this protein is the balance it has or balance between its amino acids, I recommend this protein is special for resistance workouts because it gradually releases the amino acids and therefore we tend to food throughout training, another great advantage of this supplement is the amount that exists naturally without requiring isolation, it is also ideal for vegetarians and vegans since it comes from plant origin.

In general, this protein contains a higher value of carbohydrates but the price is lower than that of a whey protein.

In general, all good quality proteins will provide the levels needed for muscle development or strength, it is very important to read the labels and check the accuracy of the supplements since they are not regulated, personal experience I recommend using recognized brands and with several years in the market to avoid fraud, I will cite some brands that have been in the market for several years and have shown good results among athletes and bodybuilders

ANIMAL NUTRITION, ULTIMATE NUTRITION, MUSCLETECH, ON, ELITE, BPI AND NUTREX, are some brands that you use with good results on your own and that I recommended over several years, if you know any other brand that you forget to mention or that you have tried. comment it to write about this. Thank you

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