Unlike men, women undergo hormonal changes throughout their menstrual cycle. It is very important to know these times in order to adapt training and get the best results. Personal trainers must know the student’s menstrual cycles to optimize routines and the diet.

The body of the woman is ready to conceive a new life and is prepared each month approximately for this act, so we must adapt the training for each phase, that is in the post menstrual phase or approximately 7 days after the last day of bleeding the woman has more strength and more resistance, in this case we can perform volume or strength routines or take advantage of them for cardiovascular workouts.

This is the point where the woman is stronger, I usually use a job with additional weight to exploit this stage and get the best results since this stage is very short, a good instructor or personal trainer should be aware of this.

As I mentioned before this period is very short of a week or less and the effects are disappearing little by little until the middle of the ovular cycle that is until 14 days exactly where we will again have a peak of strength and resistance, unlike the first peak that I mentioned earlier in this influence hormones so at this point it is best to use routines for muscle development, I guarantee that they will have the best results, again this period is very short of about 3.

Therefore we have 10 days a month for a strength or volume training, at this point it is ideal to perform strength routines combined with resistance, so we do not waste a day taking advantage of the menstrual cycle.

After this short period begins the premenstrual phase, this is the least productive stage, but it does not mean that we must stop, at this stage the woman loses hemoglobin in small hemorrhages, in addition the estrogen levels decrease, so at this stage the woman has a lower number of red blood cells in blood therefore oxygenation will be deficient so we must perform routines of strength and not resistance, the periods of force must be short, we must measure the training time to cause unnecessary fatigue.

Many women suffer from a lot of pain as a result of menstruation, with my experience in this area I have noticed that the pain decreases as the woman gets in a better physical condition, therefore there are several factors that affect this, but on all the diet and muscle tone. I must emphasize that not all women are equal so it is possible that they do not feel any change during the menstrual or ovular cycle, however they can optimize results in the post menstrual and ovular stage I assure you that they will obtain better results.

forget to mention that women tend to accumulate fluids in the premenstrual phase, it is very important to take this into account especially if it coincides with a competition.

progesterone usually causes discomfort, the woman tends to not feel like training, feels angry, reluctantly this can negatively affect training, it is very important not to evade training in this phase

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