Fat is a nutrient that provides a high amount of calories therefore we should be able to obtain a very high caloric intake of this nutrient but this is not the case, unlike proteins and carbohydrates, fat is not necessary in our body at present.

Formerly when our ancestors were engaged in hunting, fishing and living from nature, fat was a fundamental nutrient because the caloric intake of fat in these situations can help us to survive for longer without food, similar to the organism of some animals that They usually store food in their bodies to be able to hibernate for example or to spend a time without water.

Therefore fat is stored in our bodies as a result of inheritance of our ancestors, currently we do not require this nutrient stored in our body but our cells will continue to store it in case this situation arises at some point, therefore we must change our eating habits to eliminate this nutrient from our diet.

To effectively lose weight we need a balanced diet low in fat and high in proteins and carbohydrates, the balance between the last nutrients is the basis of development depending on our physical activity we will vary the proportion and thus achieve our goals. Due to the shortage of calories in the intake the body must use its natural reserves to supply energy, therefore we reduce weight and averages, it is very important to perform physical activity and above all maintain the nutritional balance so as not to lose muscle mass in the process , although it is something normal.

The fat in our body must be oxidized, that is our body performs a chemical operation where it divides the fats into carbon dioxide and water, breaking the fat molecule, therefore the water of the fat that represents approximately 18% will be easily eliminated by urine and sweat. The rest, even if it looks like a lie, will be eliminated through the exhalation of air from our body, this is because in the process of division the fat is decomposed into carbon dioxide. But do not think that just by breathing we will be eliminating fat, it requires a process of caloric failure and a routine of resistance exercises.
Now that we know roughly how the removal of fats works in our body we can accommodate our routines for the definition stage, for this stage I recommend HIIT exercises, which are high impact routines in short periods of time, in another article I will explain and I will mention some of these. Endurance exercises like sports, races and marathons are also recommended but do not forget that it is not good to exceed especially if the important thing is muscle volume.

I must also mention that the caloric contribution that glycogen provides us quickly in the presence of intense physical activity lasts approximately 20 minutes so, for this reason, the minimum time of our routine should be 20 minutes but do not forget that neither It can be very durable and not exceed 60 minutes, this due to the effects of catabolism.

In another article I will also mention the amounts of nutrients that we should consume according to some physical activities, I will speak in general not to detail each sport discipline, but if you want me to mention any in particular you can leave your suggestion in the comments, thanks for reading this my new article at any time upload videos about routines and diets for different objectives, thanks.

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