An athlete or athlete can be injured by different circumstances such as high sports demand or by a bad movement and may vary according to the type of injury and recovery time, then explain the most common injuries in athletes or athletes.

This type of injury is the consequence of taking our joint further than the ligament allows, the ligaments are in charge of limiting the mobility of the joints, when the movement is more extensive the ligament tends to stretch or break, this is called sprain, it is a very painful injury that even in some circumstances requires immobilization of the area, it is usually accompanied by a lot of swelling and in some cases bruising.

The joint underwent a hyper elongation so the ligament stretched more than normal, in this case there are no bruises or only very small bruises appear, the recovery time is fast, no immobilization of the area is required but it is recommended a short resting time to avoid a more serious injury.

Similar to the first case the joint undergoes a longer elongation than normal but in this case due to the force of the movement or to the speed, the ligament suffers a partial fracture of the ligament, this triggers in a bigger inflammation and the appearance of bruises due when bleeding from the ligament, the recovery time in this case is from 1 to 3 months, it is a medium injury that causes a lot of pain, usually does not require immobilization but if it is at rest.

This injury is much more severe the previous ones is the total fracture of the ligament, the injury is very painful you can see a bigger bruise and with a more intense color, it usually requires immobilization of the area, the recovery time is from 3 to 6 months, in some cases the recovery is longer than in a bone fracture, rest is also recommended for recovery.

In all cases of sprain it is necessary to provide anti-inflammatory and soothing to alleviate the discomfort caused by this injury, and in any degree of sprain it is very important to perform the correct recovery with exercises to strengthen nearby muscles, a lesion of this type can be chronic and cause many problems in the future, strengthening the muscles around is very important to avoid similar injuries in the future.

It is due to excessive force in a movement, usually occurs at the time of greater muscular effort where the fibers reach their maximum compression and can not stand any more therefore they break causing a hemorrhage.

It usually happens due to poor muscle heating or for a short time, it is also likely that we are exceeding the weight that we are able to lift or that our muscles are very weak or fatigued, this injury is very common in the legs since we usually lift weights, run, jump, climb stairs without the previous warm up, I do not discard other body areas I only mention the most common, since a tear can affect all the muscles.

Like the sprains, the tears have 3 levels of intensity, they differ from the sprains since the bruise appears in a distant area of ​​the joint, unlike the sprain, the muscle recovery must be a total rest, although the recovery time is short (2 to 7 days) in all intensity levels. It usually does not require medical attention unless the bruises and swelling remain for a long time.

They are responsible for uniting the muscle with the bone, that is, they are responsible for fusing the skeleton with the skeleton muscle, like other injuries can occur in different ways, in some extreme cases the tendon suffers a fracture, this general with long tendons like the Achilles tendon where a fracture represents the total loss of movement, in other cases it can be detached from the pass this is usually due to other physiological problems since this loop is extremely strong.

Many athletes agree that the total fracture of a ligament sounds like a league and this is logical since the tendons are under mild or strong stress in our bodies, like many sports injuries the heating also affects this.

We can have several types of hernia especially in highly demanding sports but the herniated disc is the most common among weightlifting or weightlifting athletes, but they are not the only ones and a bad move can affect anyone.

It usually happens when we perform a lifting movement that compresses the vertebrae and causes an injury called hernia, it can also occur due to the super compression of the vertebrae that are certainly not solid, some athletes in this field suffered a compression of the vertebrae and They had to undergo a herniated and compressed disc operation at the same time.

A mild injury of this type may disappear or improve with lumbar exercises that strengthen the muscles around the vertebrae, a more serious injury should be operated as soon as possible, usually the hernia produces much pain, difficulty moving the legs, to get up of the chair or of the bed in addition to a localized inflammation in the affected area.

It is an involuntary, lasting contraction of a few muscle fibers in particular, causes pain and limits the movement of the muscle, this type of injury is easily identifiable by passing the fingers over the area we will see that there is a localized inflammation.

The contracture is due to forced movement, bad posture, dehydration or electrolyte imbalance, but it can also be caused by lack of muscle warm-up or elongation at the end of training.

As we observed many injuries can be avoided with a simple heating, warming is the basis of all training I do not recommend risking an injury, injuries can delay our results or damage our sports career, all injuries require an adequate recovery and recover mobility progressively.
There are more sports injuries, if you like to mention any in particular you can leave me your comment, mention the most common among athletes and in everyday life, thank you very much for reading my article I will be attentive to new topics, suggestions, comments, greetings.

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