We know well that a good diet guarantees optimal results in muscle gain, definition or weight loss, nutrition means 80% of the results and exercise completes the equation, both are the perfect complement to achieve the best results.

Nutrition is very important at any stage of our lives because it is the basis for the development and functioning of our bodies, it is very complicated to make a perfect balance between the different nutrients in a natural way that means cooking at home, therefore it is We need to resort to a sports supplement to compensate for the shortcomings in our diet.

If we had the ability to properly separate the nutrients from the food we would not require supplementation to compensate for the deficiency of any nutrient, but it is not important to compensate for the lack of nutrients, a supplement also provides extra amounts to optimize the results.
Do not forget that it is very important to maintain fair levels so as not to harm our organism, especially with the use of some supplements such as proteins that can cause damage to the kidneys or we could consume nutrients that will be discarded without fulfilling any function in our body. for this reason I recommend using the necessary quantities without overdoing optimizing results and price.

However some supplements if they require to be supplied in a high dose for certain periods of time, in this group of supplements come very useful creatines in muscle development and strength but nevertheless it is a supplement that the body tends to discard therefore It requires a period called overload in which we use 50% to 100% more than the recommended dose to guarantee the results.

On the other hand, in other types of competitions, especially endurance tests, athletes increase the consumption of stored carbohydrates in the form of glycogen in our bodies, in this way this energy is stored between the muscles and the liver to deliver the necessary energy at the moment of the test, it is very important to perform the overloads in the presence of a professional in the area of ​​personal training.

Sports supplementation grants and allows us to reach nutritive levels that are very difficult to obtain naturally from our meals, therefore they are widely used products to improve sports performance and applied to any discipline or sport due to their results, depending on the discipline that we belong the nutritional balance will be different, I met a person several years ago, she was dedicated to the swim of great distances, in the last competition I did swim through icy waters which added new obstacles to the challenge, she prepared during 6 months for this competition but I do not mean to swim and physical training she performs the routines every week, I mean a special diet to prepare her body for ice water, increase the intake of fats and carbohydrates, after 6 months I gain a total of 13 kilograms in body fat and complete the test. If she had not increased her fat levels she would not have been able to withstand the low temperatures of the water without reaching hypothermia.

It is for this reason that I recommend balancing the nutrients to improve the results, any questions that I have, I am here to answer it and offer my advice, greetings and thanks for reading my new article

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