I regret to inform you that these practices are false, first I will comment on how the massage works in a scientific way and then I will explain the practical tests in real patients.

The massages do not have any biochemical properties for the elimination of fat, much less the oxidation process that we develop through exercises is for this reason that I affirm that the massages are a deception, many therapists assure that the massages are the best option for the loss of body measurements.

When a massage is performed in an area such as the abdomen or thighs where we tend to accumulate fat, these massages are performed in a very energetic and applying pressure on the fat, this causes the body to react naturally to this process and eliminate the water that is found in fat adiposities so we apparently lose measures, of course the results are temporary and for very short periods of time.

Massages can result in injuries due to the force and energy that supposedly requires to eliminate fat, these injuries tend to be bruises caused by small injuries to blood vessels, personally I do not recommend these massages take a long time and produce pain.

The urine is not able to eliminate fats in large quantities I mean that the maximum fat content found in the urine does not reach 1% of the total urine, that is practically nothing. Many salons recommend a diet and accompany the massages with exercises because perform this practice if the massages have such good results ?. Do not be fooled with these procedures can cause long-term problems.

I had the opportunity to make a working group where I worked with 10 model girls, who wanted to lose some measure, divided the group into 2 parts that would take care of a diet and exercises and those that would perform the massages.

The first group of girls (GYM) observed physical changes such as decreased measures and muscle gain 2 weeks after starting the routine and diets. On the other hand the second group (MASSAGES) observed changes to the second session of massages and I do not mean the bruises but to a decrease of measures in the area of ​​the waist especially, only one of the models of the second group (MASSAGES) I did regular exercises in a gym.

The trial period was only one month, I understand that it is a very short time for physical tests but I will detail the results, at first I was amazed with the results of the second group because I am a skeptic of the therapies or miraculous practices that have nothing of logic, therefore the results surprised me, both group number one (GYM) and group number two (MASSAGES) had lost the same number of measurements in the waist area especially and in the area of ​​the legs the group Number one (GYM) had better muscle tone and noticeably less fat in the adductor area.

Group number one (GYM) was the group that lost more weight and gained more muscle unlike group number two (MASSAGES) that lost weight and some measures. The study continued for a week more where the models resumed their routine and their daily lives, after this week I contacted them again to perform a control test, the models of group one (GYM) maintained the measurements and the weight, in the case of group number two (MASSAGES) the models recovered the measurements and the lost weight, demonstrating my point of view where the models of group number two (MASSAGES) only lost liquid when squeezing you could say body fat.

In conclusion this type of practices that are fashionable have no effect on our bodies, effectively a massage is very useful to relax, calm a discomfort, etc. because they are cases in which some pressure or movement is needed for blood circulation or to relax the nerves, the massages only extract the fluid from the body therefore we will obtain fast but not long lasting results, no massage is able to reach a temperature capable of destroying fat by heat, dear readers do not be fooled.

The best practice is exercise and the best results are obtained by combining a balanced diet according to physical requirements and an exercise routine that will also depend on the result you want to obtain. Thank you for reading my article I hope you like it, I am following recommendations and suggestions.

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