Especially bodybuilders hate the cardiovascular, this is because we use our muscles to work with weights so we do not have much resistance. I must say that it is very important to perform a cardiovascular routine at least once a week, then I explain why.

Cardiovascular activities involve a lot of muscles unlike our routines in the gym where we try to isolate a muscle group, therefore they are very good exercises for calorie consumption especially in the definition stage, but we should not use them only in this stage since cardiovascular exercises provide many benefits to our health, we can even have a beneficial effect on our muscular development:

They are good for the increase of blood pressure in our body, this allows us to carry the necessary nutrients to our muscles, in the stage of muscular development the blood allows the transport of the necessary nutrients for a good muscular recovery, therefore a cardiovascular exercises will help to irrigate the whole body because cardiovascular exercises work a lot of muscles.

They are also very good to oxygenate the blood, red blood cells are responsible for carrying out this task and as we now know, oxygenation allows the oxidation of fats in our body. For this reason it is advisable to carry out cardiovascular exercises in the definition stage. Many bodybuilders add a few minutes of cardiovascular exercise to their weekly workouts but for reasons of over-training I recommend that they be only once a week.

Cardiovascular exercises activate all muscle groups, when performing a cardiovascular exercise such as jogging not only use the muscles of the legs, also work other muscles such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms (mostly for balance), back , the shoulders, as we can see is a very broad exercise can even be very useful to complement our muscle development.

Due to the catabolic effects of cardiovascular exercises we should not exceed 30 minutes of exercise, this because if we are in the volume stage we can lose a certain amount of muscle mass, depending on the athlete the cardiovascular exercise should be done with more or less intensity, for example endurance athletes such as marathoners require cardiovascular training of 4 hours or more, depending on the sports branch they focus on, I met people who trained 2 hours jogging, 1 hour swimming and finished their routine with 2 bicycle hours, a routine too long for me but this is the requirement of their sports, they are usually thin people with little accumulation of fat, these people perform weight training also they focus more on the muscular endurance than on the control or the amount of weight that you lift.

Throughout my career I had the opportunity to meet different types of athletes and can observe their training to learn from them, I have a lot of experience in sports and sports training, I am currently studying the movements and sports techniques of Volleyball, a sport that requires a lot of strength and a lot of resistance.

Regardless of the sport that one practices the combination of strength exercise such as lifting weights is very useful to improve our capabilities, but do not forget that cardiovascular exercise is as important as strength training and depending on our requirements will be more or less important . Let’s not forget that discipline is the most important thing in our sports career.

I would like to know about your experiences, what sports you practice as you train and if I made any mistakes in this article or such forget to mention something. A greeting and thanks for reading my article soon I will write a new one, greetings

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