If our goal is to increase muscle or define the muscle we must avoid at all costs the catabolic effects of some elements, such as being nutritious, on training, short breaks or hormonal issues.

The nutrition of a bodybuilder must be high in protein, carbohydrates and low in fat especially in the definition stage, a diet deficient in proteins or carbohydrates will result in a muscle reduction unwanted effect by any bodybuilder, it is also very important to achieve a balance between vitamins and minerals to avoid decompensation.

For this reason it is very important to balance the different nutrients in our diets, for many of us it is very complicated to organize different meals due to work schedules or schedules that one spends with the family, so it is very important to balance the different nutrients with sports supplements, do not consume more than what is necessary each day, with food supplements it is very easy to exceed the recommended daily levels, in another article I will comment about the effects of the overload of these nutrients.

This is an activity that requires a lot of discipline, perseverance and above all time since diet is the basis of the results, it is not possible to survive with the consumption of supplements so it is very important to prepare our food in the best possible way, Supplements are only a support to our daily diet.

Some athletes believe that extensive training of several hours each day will get the best results, these workouts only create excessive calorie consumption and if we are not able to counteract this effect we will suffer from the effects of catabolism therefore we will reduce muscle mass, even in some cases we can accumulate fats because our bodies are designed for situations of scarcity where there is not enough food, a highly demanding training simulates a situation of scarcity because the body is prepared for the next training storing as much fat as possible. Therefore we will obtain the opposite effects to the desired ones.

Not all bodies react in the same way, I simply focus on the experience I gained over these years where I saw many athletes get opposite results or not get any results by very extensive training.

Not only is it important to take care of the over-training but it is also important to rest enough before carrying out the routine again, personally I recommend resting at least 8 hours per day better if you are 9 and repeat the exercises after 48 hours of rest, muscles require this time to repair damaged muscle fibers, also need nutrients to perform this work so it is not recommended to make another muscle group the next day, if it is necessary to train every day, I recommend balancing the diet very well and perform a different muscle group.

Some friends who love bodybuilding even rest 96 hours before training another muscle group and with very good results. As I mentioned before it is very important to know their bodies, for me the rest should be maximum of 48 hours but for this friend there was very little rest time and it did not grow enough until I tried with the 96 hours.

The best thing is to train with breaks of 48 hours for about 3 months, try again with breaks of 72 hours and finally 96 hours so we will learn from our own bodies and assign the necessary rest for the best results.

We can lose muscle mass due to Testosterone deficiency or excess Estrogen. At this point we mention men, since women have Testosterone but it has a very low dose in another article I will mention how to fight with catabolic effects in women.

This can happen because of a very high fat diet or because we have overweight or excess fat in our bodies, fats play an undesirable role in our bodies, it is very necessary for this a balanced diet because we can not simply stop Eat fat, in the same way they are necessary in our organism but not in high levels.

Minerals especially Zinc play a key role in our Testosterone levels because it is highly recommended to consume a supplement of this mine, in another article I will talk about this topic and the effects that can cause a dose of it.

It can also happen because of an over training since Testosterone levels drop quickly in a workout

This can also happen because of an excess of training, not because estrogen increases but testosterone is reduced so that we have for a certain time higher levels of estrogen.

There are also some chemical elements that are considered estrogen stimulants such as PARABENOS, usually used in creams as a preservative, these PARABENS can be presented in different ways such as:

• Methyl Paraben
• Etil Paraben
• Propil Paraben

Look for a product that does not contain this perseverant should be indicated on the product label, although the influence of this stimulant is low any help is important when we have a competition coming soon.

Thank you very much for reading my articles, I hope you like them and I also hope to help you achieve your goals, any comments are welcome, send me your experiences and your results. regards

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