The days of training are as important as the rest days, it is very important to establish the days of training and rest for an optimal result.

They are repetitive exercise routines where we try to obtain muscular resistance, that is to say to obtain that the muscle is able to realize more repetitions without rest, it is ideal for athletes marathoners who run great distances, these athletes require a diet high in carbohydrates especially and proteins, In addition to training between 5 and 6 days per week performing the same routine.

It is very important carbohydrate especially due to the high energy consumption required by these sports activities, many athletes in this field even perform routines in height or low oxygen levels to achieve formation of red blood cells that make possible greater oxygenation, in another article I will explain this topic in greater depth.

Considered bodybuilders are athletes who focus on muscle volume and not so much on strength and less on endurance, in this field it is very important to perform localized activities and work each muscle individually.

This type of activity requires an optimal rest because after a strong routine the muscles are very damaged and require an extensive and quality recovery, these athletes tend to have high protein and carbohydrate diets at least in the volume stage. Besides these athletes out of the recommended 8 hours per day you also need to rest the muscle group worked for at least 48 hours with a maximum of 96 hours, in people I recommend that if you are in the volume stage train between 2 and 3 times per week

These athletes train with high weights but not so much, the work weight must be in range that allows the repetition of the exercise between 8 to 12 times per series, which guarantees hypertrophy.

They are athletes able to develop a lot of force in momentary explosions, train with a lot of weight in the range of 4 repetitions since the weight they raise does not allow them to perform more repetitions, they are usually athletes with large muscles, not very defined and with great force .
The training of these athletes should also be limited to 3 or 4 days of training because the weight they use micro injuries the muscles and these require time for repair, but also require some resistance to continue to perform activities especially in competitions of this kind.

The diet of these athletes requires a high index of proteins and carbohydrates, since they require a lot of protein to repair the muscle but also carbohydrate for the energy needed in the periods of resistance.

These athletes are also subject to several injuries usually joint, so it is very important that they perform training to strengthen the joints and ligaments especially the back, we will talk in another article about this topic. In addition they are also prone to muscle tears due to the large amounts of weight they lift.

Well in conclusion we saw that all the athletes mentioned in this article require balanced diets according to the sports branch in which they participate or according to the results they wish to achieve, in none of the cases is a diet with fat recommended to forget to mention that it is very important that Less than 10% of an athlete’s daily caloric intake should be fat.

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