There is a big difference between muscle volume and muscular strength, we often see men or women with a lot of muscle and we think they are very strong, however in gym training they do not lift more than 40 kg or 100 lbs in the banking system. chest, then what is the difference?

Our body muscles are made up of several muscle fibers, the fibers that are closest to the bone are the strongest muscle fibers that we have therefore a person of only 150 lb of weight can easily lift 100 lb in chest bench and look like a thin person without much muscle. However, a bodybuilder who weighs almost 200 pounds trains with the same weight but appears to be able to lift much more due to the size of his muscles.

It is for this reason that we must focus on our goals clearly, many of us wish to have a muscular body, great to show off in the summer, these people require strength training but above all focused on the correct movement of muscle, elongation and muscle contraction , that is, these people have to take into account that the correct movement is above the weight that we are capable of lifting.

If we are bodybuilders and we are interested in muscle volume we should look for a weight with which we feel comfortable and be able to perform the movements of elongation and contraction perfectly with a range of between 8 and 15 repetitions, if at the end of the series we notice that we can perform one or two repetitions more is because we are using a low weight, try until the number of repetitions does not exceed 15 and is not less than 8, it is very important that you get an exercise partner to help at the moment get to the last repetitions, in this way you get the best results.

In this case it is very important to develop muscles that are able to lift a lot of weight regardless of muscle volume, in this case the workouts are with very high weights and the number of repetitions varies between 4 and 8 repetitions, ensuring that your muscles are capable to lift a lot of weight, in this case it is extremely advisable that you have a partner to help you with the exercise, it is risky to venture alone, with large weights you run the risk of reaching muscle fatigue faster and you can drop the weight or suffer a injury in the middle of the routine.

Personally I like big muscles, also occasionally do strength training to not lose the ability to lift heavy weights.

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