Testosterone or steroids is usually a synthetic substance of the male hormone testosterone, it is usually used in the recovery of certain ailments, muscle regeneration, repair some tissue, etc. But in the world of bodybuilding it is used to develop hypertrophy or super muscular development, it is also used to generate greater strength in the case of weightlifting athletes or greater resistance in the case of long distance athletes. The use of the sport is very broad regardless of the discipline to which the steroids belong, they will make you improve your records, reach more goals but at what cost.

Men tend to naturally develop this hormone which is responsible for the physical development in men and accompanies them throughout their lives maintaining muscles for example, unlike the natural hormone the synthetic is usually used in higher doses, a man in good physical condition can produce between 5 and 15 mg of testosterone per day, I knew bodybuilders who use up to 150mg per day that is 10 to 30 times more than the amount produced naturally, that is why we have super athletes able to lift high Weights, with muscle masses too developed, capable of running great distances, hitting harder than any other athlete in the case of baseball.

The use in these amounts has a consequence in our body, usually the organs with greater damage are the liver and kidneys, many bodybuilders died as a result of the indiscriminate use of this hormone, and they are not the only athletes, it also happens with players of baseball, American football, etc. An athlete who uses this hormone has to be aware that it has a risk especially in long periods of time.

By itself, testosterone is only a hormone, the athlete has to have the ability to focus the potential at their convenience, it is true that an athlete who uses this last will have faster results compared to one that does not use the hormone, this is because that athletes who use it have shorter recovery periods therefore can have more consecutive workouts.

An athlete under the influence of this hormone has the ability to significantly increase their strength to such an extent that they can get injuries due to the intensity of their workouts, usually the injuries with the use of steroids are tears or joint problems since The sudden increase in strength did not give time to reinforcejoints or muscle fibers. The same happens with the resistance, the athlete will have a significant increase in resistance, as indicated before everything will depend on the athlete’s discipline so that the athlete focuses on that potential.


Usually the first thing we will notice is a sudden change in strength, if before lifting 50 kg now lift 100 kg but it is not the only point, then I will quote some points

• Increase in muscle mass

• Hair loss (Some cases)

• Acne on the shoulders and back

• Bad breath

• Gynecomastia (Man)

• Disproportionate abdomen

• Tend to lose fat

• Bad mood

These are some points.

I want to clarify that I do not recommend the use of steroids, but if any of you want to use them it is better to know how to use them, as it is a hormone that will replace the natural hormone it is very important to follow a strict regimen regarding the use of this hormone, the hormone it must be supplied in cycles or periods of loading and unloading followed by a time of rest.

I recommend using a maximum of 30 mg of testosterone per day, so we should start by injecting 5 mg during the first days, increase to 10 mg during the next week and end the week with 15 mg, start the third week with 20 mg and finish with 25, finally to the fourth week to continue with 30mg during a period called cycle, most bodybuilders use cycles of 6 months, I recommend shorter periods of 2 to 3 months, testosterone must be accompanied by a diet and an exercise routine, when we approach the 2 or 3 months of the cycle it is very important not to forget to make the gradual decrease of the hormone since our body to determine that there is a higher level than the one that naturally produces tends to stop producing testosterone therefore reducing the size of the testicles in very long periods especially, this is the most important part to avoid an imbalance, and It is very important to give the body the amount of time necessary to restore the natural levels of testosterone.

I say it once again I do not recommend the use of steroids in any type of sports discipline.

There are different types of steroids, the most common are injectables, but it is also possible to get steroids in pills, some prefer this method to avoid the use of syringes and needles, the problem is that this method is not recommended for organs since the impact and degeneration is much faster.

In any of the cases it is very important especially in long periods of time to use a liver protector to avoid possible damage to the liver.

Thank you very much friends I hope your comments, suggestions and criticism, we will soon have new articles thank you.

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