Many people ask me how important muscle recovery is, the correct answer is that muscle recovery is the most important part of muscle development, not only that but also the most important part to achieve good results in deficinion and fat burning.

The recovery begins when you finish performing the last repetition of our routine, it is very important to perform an elongation since this allows the release of a small amount of growth hormone that is not relevant but for a bodybuilder any benefit no matter how small It is useful.

After our exercise routine it is very important to receive the proper nutrients, I recommend consuming a protein with the necessary amounts according to our weight and our goals, otherwise a balanced meal high in protein. It is at this point that our muscles need all the energy possible to be able to repair the micro-injuries that the exercise required.

A person should receive at least 1gr of protein per kilogram of weight or per 2 lbs, but a person who wants to develop muscles should consume at least 2gr of protein per kilogram of weight or per 2 lbs, some culturalist physicists consume up to 4gr of protein per kilogram of weight or per 2 pounds, in another article I will tell you how this is possible, I recommend consuming 2 to 2.5gr of protein per kilogram of weight or for every 2 lbs. The protein should be consumed throughout the day, some people think that they should consume all the protein load before exercise, causing an overdose of protein that basically consists of discarding excess protein in the urine, ie waste this nutrient.

After a strong routine of 40 to 60 minutes we require a good rest of at least 8 hours better if there are 9, and it is advisable to perform the next series of exercises after 48 hours to ensure the total recovery of our muscles, it is very important You know how our bodies react, I met physical bodybuilders who take up to 96 hours for their recovery with very good results but as I tell them everything depends on how their bodies react.

Some people think that it is best to perform a routine every day, which could generate an undesirable effect on us due to the lack of recovery time, in any case unless we are training for some kind of endurance competition the daily training It will be recommended.

Therefore to ensure good muscle development is necessary to consume the right amount of nutrients, we must balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats in a diet, you also need a good rest of at least 8 hours each day, we must give at least 48 hours to our muscles before performing a new routine except for a few exceptions. These are the keys to muscle development, every bodybuilder requires discipline and perseverance since the results take time.

It is nice to be able to share this information with you, in the next articles I will clarify some points that require more explanation, do not forget to write me, tell me your experiences, results and let me know the criticisms. If you forget to mention any important point send me a message to make a new post about the subject, best regards


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