Muscle congestion is a natural reaction of our body to send necessary nutrients to the muscular area that we are working. Depending on the intensity with which we work we will see more or less congestion.

Now that we know that it is muscle congestion we must understand how to use it in our favor, congestion is a very important point especially for body builders since it allows to carry nutrients necessary for muscle recovery is special if our diet is properly balanced, the results will be optimal.

Many bodybuilders end their routine with a serious to congest muscles, many perform a super series to reach this point of congestion, some prefer to perform a series with several repetitions until congestion is achieved, but it is necessary to learn to take advantage of this congestion, example use muscle and body movements to block congestion at a point determined by a small amount of time, in each repetition.

Muscle congestion will not determine muscle development, but if it is a very important point, that is, if you are a bodybuilder who does not use congestion as part of your routine, it does not necessarily mean that you will not develop muscle, in any case congestion will be present in any routine especially with weights, because as we specified before is the natural reaction of our bodies to a micro muscle injury.


Taking advantage of the routine we are doing, at the moment we want to retain congestion in the muscles we wait a short time at the point where we are performing the contraction, that is to say the effort, at this point we cut the circulation by pressing on the worked muscle, which allows the blood flow to stop temporarily in the area worked, thus keeping more time in the area worked the nutrients that brought the blood, so we take better advantage of these nutrients and promote recovery and muscle development.

For example in a bicep routine we will keep the muscle contracted for a few seconds, this when we reach the stage of muscular congestion, when I speak of a few seconds I mean a lapse of between 1 to 3 seconds, the compression of the forearm will cut the circulation of the biceps temporarily in this way we will make the most of the congestion, try to find at what point each muscle has this temporary cut of blood, in this way they will maximize the results and make the most of the benefits of a good congestion.

I forgot to mention that muscle congestion is used in muscles such as:

• Biceps
• Triceps
• Quadriceps
• Femoral
• Calves

Not all muscles can achieve irrigation cut but all muscles can reach muscle congestion.
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