Anabolism is a term widely used in bodybuilding, many associate this word with the use of testosterone or steroids, effectively these are anabolic, also called anabolic hormones.

In another article we will talk about the use of steroids, whether it is recommended or not.

What many people do not know is that an anabolic is any nutrient that allows muscle development, ie the proteins are anabolic, the word anabolism refers to a process of cellular construction, therefore many of us were in the presence of an anabolic without realize, I do this post to make some clarifications about this issue, since it is often misinterpreted this ends up to be prohibited or even taboo, without knowing what it really means.
A bodybuilder tries to maintain high levels of testosterone and high protein and low cortisol, for this it is necessary to take a well balanced diet between proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as for cortisol it is necessary to perform routines of no more than 40 minutes, this hormone can have undesirable effects on our development, affects mostly women since they have too low levels of testosterone which is very useful when blocking the passage of cortisol.

Catabolism is the opposite effect to anabolism, ie we lose muscle mass, a reason for which catabolism occurs can be due to a very low calorie diet and strong training, but it is not the only reason, unfortunately it is easier to fall into the catabolism that in anabolism, since there is a very thin line that divides these two sides of the coin, then I will mention some things that we usually do wrong and fall into catabolism.

• Short recovery time (<48 hours)
• Little rest time (<8 hours)
• Very long routines (> 40 minutes)
• Resistance routines
• Poor nutrition (low levels of protein)
• Very low levels of testosterone

As you can see we have a lot of chance of falling into catabolism and not achieve the desired results, it is very necessary to follow all these points to know which of them are failing, this will determine whether we will obtain the desired results or who knows the opposite effect .


Our bodies are designed to deliver all their resources in a moment of emergency, that is, if we go hungry, it is likely that when we have food our bodies want to store these calories for a future where they need them, something similar happens in our routine, if We have a bad diet and it is very probable that our body thinks that it is in an emergency situation and tends to accumulate fat for a future emergency.

It is very important that you follow the instructions of a good instructor you should know how to counteract the effects of catabolism and maximize the potential of the muscles.

I will be attentive to your comments, criticisms, suggestions and especially your experience in new routines and diets, thank you.

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