Many times we think that fat can be eliminated by means of sweat that is why some people use plastic elements, coats or train in hot climates, I have to tell you that this is not true, the sweat glands of our body are completely isolated from the grease.

Perspiring a lot or perspiring little does not mean that we are doing a better physical work or much less that we are eliminating more fat or less fat. Perspiration is the natural reaction of our body to maintain optimal body temperature, which is why it is not advisable to use these elements (plastic, coats or train at high temperatures) and that we only get dehydrated more, we may see temporary results imagining that the Use of these elements is really working.

In short we can say that fat burns which is not so true but is closer to reality, fat burns at a temperature of approximately 130 degrees Celsius or 266 degrees Fahrenheit in the best case, temperature at that if we arrive, the most probable thing is that we are no longer alive, that is why the term to burn fat is not correct.

Our body uses fat as our body’s fuel, that is, it oxidizes it to deliver the necessary energy to our muscles, that is why the use of elements that make us transpire more will not eliminate more body fat, it is more our body eliminate more calories training in cold climates since it needs more calories to maintain our body temperature.

In certain cases it is advisable to resort to these elements but these cases are only exceptions to our training because by the elimination of liquids abruptly we can unbalance our electrolytes causing cramps, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, headaches, all this as a result of a decompensation by dehydration.

When I talk about some cases I mean fitness competitions for example where we need to look more defined or in the case of boxing or fighting disciplines where we have to lose a few grams for weighing before the fight, in these cases we require quick results and no permanent, I have to clarify that this is not recommended but may be necessary for our career.

I leave to readers criteria the use of elements to transpire, according to studies that make the liquid recovers after a few hours of our routine, it is not advisable to stop drinking water under any circumstances, water is very important in metabolic processes including muscle formation and fat loss.

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