Many of us have ever wondered if there really is a food that when consumed can absorb some calories from our body, becoming a miraculous food that makes us lose weight, something that many of us want, without dieting, without sacrifice and without exercise. We are very wrong if we think that this could be real, but unfortunately it is not.

Imagine that a food would be able to fill our stomachs, satisfy our desire for food and not only that, but also eliminate some calories. I have to inform you that the sentence “Food with negative calories” is badly raised in fact should be “Food that requires more calories to digest than those that contribute.”

There are some foods that are a bit difficult to digest or are foods that have a very low caloric level, these foods require more calories to be digested than they provide, ie a 100 calorie food for example requires 200 calories to be digested, the caloric intake is only half of the digestive requirement, one could say that it is a food with negative calories.
Most of these foods are vegetables, then I will quote some so that you have an idea:

• Lettuce

• Lettuce

• Celery

• Cucumber

• Cabbage

Of course there are other vegetables but I put the most prominent, these foods have a low caloric intake of almost 15 calories per 100 grams of food.
It is very important to follow a good diet, the consumption of these foods should be accompanied by carbohydrates, proteins and fats, in no case resort to a strict diet of these vegetables, they would have unwanted effects such as decompensation.

People throughout history try to find food, pills, injections, etc. Magical that do not require diets or exercises, it is impossible to obtain optimal results and long term since there is no way to deceive our body so that it believes that it does not need a certain food or can maintain an optimal muscle tone without moving a finger.

Do not be fooled by false advertisements, user recommendations, television programs, obtaining good results requires a lot of sacrifice, discipline, diet, exercise and rest, a lasting result requires a lot of time.

Many people tend to despair in the first or second week of training, some people will only see results within months of starting the regimen, everything depends on the metabolism and the response of our bodies.

Do not forget to contact me with questions, new topics or criticisms, everything is welcome to keep growing. regards

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