Muscle congestion is a natural process in which the body carries more blood to the area that we are working, is very necessary in muscle development, we can achieve congestion with significant loads of weight or with several repetitions, you will notice how the area worked is going Larger, it is not a permanent effect it is only momentary and does not necessarily mean that the muscle developed.

The blood contains the necessary elements for the correct muscular development such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and also oxygen, all necessary for recovery.

You can see how within a few minutes of finishing the training, that blood leaves the muscle and returns to its original volume. Many bodybuilders mistakenly think that this momentary effect produces a lasting hypertrophy, so they do another exercise, extra series, however this will only exhaust the muscle and reduce its recovery, since we will be limiting the blood supply to prolong this local muscle congestion.

In order to achieve a sufficient training that stimulates muscle development, an intense muscular contraction is necessary since to greater intensity, greater structural damage and consequently, greater regeneration of the muscular tissue and already it indicated previously that one of the causes that produces the aforementioned muscular congestion are the intense muscular contractions, that come to produce an occlusion of the blood flow, therefore the one that exists a muscular congestion will be indicative of which a contraction is reached the sufficiently intense thing like producing the stimulation of desired hypertrophy. So when you do your series and you notice how a muscular congestion occurs, think that you will have used an adequate intensity, the training has been effective, in the end the muscular congestion is only an effect but not a finality. What’s more, once congestion is achieved, it is very effective to relax the muscle, mobilize it, shake it, with the intention of eliminating that congestion as soon as possible, if we favor circulation, we will get the muscle to be cleaned of waste metabolites, eliminate acidity, and get new energy contributions with new blood, but if we do not favor this continuous flow and congestion is maintained for the next series, we will only be limiting the working capacity of the muscle and with it the performance.

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