Our muscles are able to lift heavy weights but are able to hold in a position almost twice the weight that you can lift, understand what I mean, for example we put a very high weight to hold it in position may not be able to lift that weight, would be something very useful especially to increase muscle volume.

For this type of routines it is essential that you have a training partner to accompany you in your routines, this type of routines has a great impact on the muscles because you are most likely to reach muscle failure quickly, the recovery time is also prolonged and it is very necessary that you eat well, better if you consume some protein supplement or amino acids.

Do not forget to perform the previous warm-up, you can start the negative series at the end of your training or halfway if you are starting, I will put as an example chest press, we perform the conventional lifting of the maximum deadweight that we can support, it is now that our partner intervenes, press the bar to add weight to the descent of the bar, we hold as much as possible before reaching the bottom to lift the weight again, it is for this reason that you need a partner to help you with your routines.

• Rapid increase in effort
• Congestion and muscle failure
• Increase in muscle mass

• You need a training partner
• May cause an injury
• It requires more resting time and better feeding

Personally I recommend doing the negative series once a week only, they are high impact routines and the body requires time to adapt.


As we said the most important in this type of training in negative is to control very well the movement made and always lower very slowly. We can not let the charges fall without control, but we have to let them descend following the movement of the joints.

If we work alone in the negative phase we will need a partner who will help us at all times to lift the weight and leave us alone at the time of descent. Of course when training in negative, the decrease in weight should be slower than usual. It is generally recommended that this decrease last between 3 and 6 seconds.

This training method is recommended only to advanced users. The muscle response must be very intense and the recovery period is longer than that of a usual eccentric / concentric work. But it is something perfect to overcome phases of stagnation.

In this type of repetition the partner will help us lift a heavier load than usual, so we will execute the concentric phase with him, but the descent of the load will be done alone. This technique works especially well for barbell exercises.

For example, if we bench press with negative repetition assisted the partner will help us to raise the bar to the arm extension and, once in that position, release it for us to descend slowly to the chest. It is obvious that the partner must be attentive and prepared to intervene at any time in case we lose control of the load. It is advisable not to perform more than 6 negative repetitions per series and never more than 3 series of each exercise.

In conclusion, I had the opportunity to try this exercise with very good results, always perform them with caution since it is very likely that you are injured, your muscles are lifting much more weight than they are used to, also your joints, I recommend doing only 4 to 5 Negative repetitions by series and as I said before once a week is enough.
I forget to mention that some also know him with the name of eccentric training, do not forget to follow me on Facebook and tell me your stories, regards

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