Alcohol is an enemy at the time of training, this for several reasons, alcohol is a natural diuretic so you eliminate water, as we know water is essential in our lives, it is the means of transport of proteins, vitamins and minerals , also keeps the different anatomical functions in order

The moderate consumption of alcohol will not have any negative effect on our bodies, a weekly training for the increase of muscle mass or reduction of fat require a good muscular recovery, the alcohol impairs the natural process of recovery reducing our testosterone levels, reduces the level of growth hormone and inhibits the synthesis of protein, all necessary for the correct development of muscles.

Alcohol being a diuretic eliminates vitamins and minerals more quickly weakening our body, we know that it is very important to be in good health to ensure correct and rapid muscle recovery.

On the other hand, any metabolic process triggers other subprocesses that is why we must mention that alcohol intake slows down the synthesis of fats and glycogen in our body, this because the liver responsible for this action is busy purifying our synthesizing alcohol.

Alcohol also has sugars that are not beneficial to reach our goal.

For this reason, I recommend that the consumption of alcohol be moderate or no where possible to achieve the best possible results, especially if we are dedicated to compete or want to achieve a goal, in terms of athletes, these reduce their performance and resistance very negative effect in this aspect also, alcohol creates a barrier from which we can not progress, I must also mention that alcohol is not essential to our health, fortunately.

A glass of beer or beer can have no impact on our training but better if we avoid this bit of alcohol more, any change can affect our training in a negative way

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