Milk is a good food, it is not essential for daily nutrition except in childhood, as in all mammals our bodies secrete an envelope that is capable of synthesizing lactose, after the lactation stage we do not require more of this nutrient However, in the society in which we currently live, it is part of our diet, our body is able to extract calcium from other non-dairy foods.

However most of us drink milk or use milk to prepare our food, we even consume dairy products that are highly valued nowadays such as yogurt, butter, cream and cheese, foods that can be very good and beneficial to the time to gain muscle mass because they have a good dose of protein and carbohydrate per service, however they are not good for the stage of muscle definition, now I explain why.

Dairy and dairy products contain a carbohydrate called lactose, as we know the carbohydrates should be consumed as measured at the decision stage since being a carbohydrate can be stored in the form of glucose in your liver and also in your muscles, this extra carbohydrate It can be the difference between a buna definition in less time or look for the definition for a long time.

Our body is able to synthesize lactose and break it down into two sub carbohydrates, one of them called glucose, well known by the body builders and the galactose that later becomes glucose to be used by your muscles, but this triggers a high dose of Insulin in your body to take advantage of this energy which slows down the burning of fats.

The diet of a person in the definition stage includes carbohydrates but these have to be well measured since later they can turn into fat or raise the levels of insulin, something unwanted by the builders, however the carbohydrate is an essential food Do not even think about stopping consuming this nutrient.

In conclusion, although milk is not directly such a high source of fat this can cause a negative effect on your body.
The proteins, gainers and amino acids should be consumed with water or failing that with milk without lactose as low as possible.

Therefore more carbohydrate results in more insulin and more insulin in less fat required to provide energy to your muscles.

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