The training time is very variable, usually we must adapt our training time according to our schedules at work, university or school.

Many specialists recommend doing physical activity between 5 pm and 9 pm This has a scientific explanation, the muscles have already received a warm-up throughout the day, this does not mean that we should leave aside the warm-up before training. They also indicate that the ligaments and tendons are more flexible therefore we avoid muscle or joint injuries, this does not mean that we will be free of injury if we train at this time is only a recommendation.

The same study revealed that at the nutritional level our body is in better conditions since it was able to synthesize all the nutrients that we deliver throughout the day and is ready to release that energy and develop your muscles. If you consume some type of supplement it is necessary that you divide it into services throughout the day, this to compensate your daily diet.


The data I publish is only reference data. It is ideal to train at least 2 times a week to maintain good physical health, regardless of your training hours.

If you need any advice on nutrition or training we are here to guide you, each person reacts differently to training and diet so it is possible for your body to react better in training at 6 am or 12 am, try your free time and check your results, good health depends on you

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