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Many nutrients require a time in our body to be useful or be used by our body, this is the case for most supplements, many do not indicate on the label but require an overload of at least a week.

The period of overload requires a higher dose than recommended because the body tends to discard this nutrient until it is naturally absorbed, then I will show you the correct use of the supplements or clients according to the type of food.

Vitamins: vitamins have a short overload period because our organisms are used to extract vitamins from the food we eat, some vitamins that normally do not consume daily will take a while to take effect but will be easily absorbed after

Minerals: Minerals abound in our diet, especially calcium, sodium, potassium and iron, so mineral supplements are not necessary unless you have a nutritional deficit or poor diet, the advantage of minerals is that they are mostly natural deposits in our body, unlike water-soluble vitamins that are simply in transit through our body.

Proteins: The time of overload is minimal, with 2 or three days your body will be saturated and ready to absorb this nutrient, this does not mean that the recommended form of consumption is bad but I think that consumption with overload is more effective and with faster results, I personally recommend increasing the protein consumption to 2.2 to 2.5 grams per kilogram of weight or 1.1 to 1.3 grams per pound of weight, this for a maximum of 3 days and then return to normal consumption, depending on your objective this consumption will be different.

Creatine: this is one of the amino acids that require more overload, the kidneys tend to discard this nutrient, it is very necessary to overload for at least a week, consuming 2 times the recommended intake for this period of time, this amount is very high but for the week of overload it will not be harmful, once past this time you can continue with the normal consumption.

The carbohydrate does not require any type of overload the body has natural deposits of this nutrient.
In a period of overload do not forget to consume a lot of water, water is essential with any type of metabolism, diet or supplement, I recommend consuming between 3 to 4 liters of water per day, this way you take care of your kidneys and your body in general, if during the overload you observe unwanted changes, suspend the period of overload, as I mentioned before it is important but not indispensable sooner or later the supplement will carry out its work.

Regarding the use of steroids or testosterone it is advisable to perform the overload period with low doses for a week and go up the dose to the desired dose in cycles of 3 to 6 months, with the peak in 4 months and reduce again To restore the normal functions of the body, this is another post that I will talk about later.

Exercise and a good diet are the key to enjoy good health, lots of energy and vitality, any questions or suggestions can contact us or write your own experience on our blog




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