A quick diet is usually used to lose a few kilograms quickly, to use a garment or look better for a dance for example, but there are several factors that are not taken into account by people, we will mention some.

• You can get a good result quickly, this does not mean that you are healthy or a fast diet is the solution.
• The rebound effect loose come accompanied by a quick diet.
• You can get an opposite result in the long run.


Although a fast diet in many cases seems to be the solution we do not realize that we can be damaging our metabolism, the best results are obtained by changing the lifestyle, diets and performing exercises, in this way you can maintain your figure with more lasting results.

It is better to follow a balanced diet and according to your daily requirements to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The body tends to accumulate fat after an episode of scarcity as it would be a fast diet, this because our bodies are developed naturally to survive periods of scarcity, for this reason it is better to follow a balanced diet that does not alter your metabolism. The diets are very varied and you should follow the one that is most suitable for your body or to which your body reacts better, but forget about the fast diets they will only cause an imbalance and you could get an undesired effect, including many times the people who maintain these diets for long periods damage your metabolism in such a way that in a short time they recover more of the lost weight and it costs them more each time to reduce a few grams.

Among the diets that I recommend and that gave me the best results and also gave the best results to my clients are the hypocaloric diets, where the number of calories in the intake is reduced, they are reduced to a point where the body naturally begins to consume its reserves of fat or glycogen, which helps you to define more muscles and your body in general, these diets are not only about diets in which consumption is reduced and already, but it is about balanced diets between calories from fat , calories from carbohydrates and protein calories, the balance varies according to your physical activity, I can help you to make a personalized diet if you wish.

Diets are not only for weight loss, although the vast majority seek help to achieve your goal by losing weight, you can use our application to calculate your daily intake and in this way create your personalized diet in a simple way based on tables of nutritional value, Later in another post I will clarify this topic. It is really simple.

Whenever you make a hypocaloric diet to lose weight I recommend that you accompany it with a good exercise routine, this will help you achieve your goals more quickly and with a better physical condition, make sure to lower the level of body fat is more important than just lose weight.

It is very useful in many cases to use a fat or thermogenic burner to accelerate the process, not to believe that these are miraculous products and you will lose weight without doing anything, take a lot of water, this will help in your progress.

In conclusion I recommend that you be very careful with fast diets, not only can you get negative effects but you can also damage your metabolism permanently, if you follow a balanced diet for a couple of months your body will accustom to this rhythm of life and you will not require a higher intake, therefore you will maintain your weight.
Greetings and thanks for reading my post.

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