The abdominals are a long muscle, therefore they require a lot of work and perseverance, especially abdominal fat is not very attractive besides it is not beneficial for our health, a person with less abdominal fat is healthier than one who has abdominal fat this because the fat is not only on the outside of the muscle but also in part of the posterior pole of the muscles, in this way we get to have organs wrapped in fat, at another time we talk about this subject that is quite extensive.

Warm up is always a very important part in any exercise routine, 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up of the specific area that we are going to work on or of the whole body depending on the type of exercise we will perform.

• Exercises, many exercises directly affect the abdominal area, which is very good since some muscles in our body have to be worked indirectly, this does not mean that it is easy to work the abdominal area, personally I would recommend doing the work strong physical 2 to three times a week since being a long muscle also requires a lot of recovery time.

I really like the extreme exercises for this muscle, I like to work with great intensity, but of course I am at an expert level in terms of physical training, for beginners I would recommend performing classic routines and not much impact to avoid injuries.


  • Beginners: people who have just started physical activity and up to 2 months of training. With 3 sets of 20 to 30 repetitions will be enough, some prefer to perform the activity until they feel pain in the abdominal area.

  •  Intermediate: people who have been training for 3 to 4 months, have greater strength and abdominal tone, can perform 4 sets of 40 to 60 repetitions or reach muscle failure, always maintaining routines from intermediate to low, remember that it is very important to avoid injuries muscular, can leave you in bed or without being able to perform physical activity for several weeks, I recommend the following exercises.

  • Experts: people who have been training for at least 5 months and have a lot of abdominal strength, it is even possible to place weight on physical activity, it is advisable not to try these types of exercises at a lower level since it is possible that can perform the activity but your muscle is not ready for it and it is possible that other parts of the body are acting as the back, I recommend that they exceed the pain threshold with the number of repetitions since the body tends to get used to the activity , it is good to arrive at muscle failure at the end of the routine in order to work the muscle correctly.

• Muscle failure: when I talk about this point, it refers to the moment when when you do the exercise you can not do one more repetition, some muscles tend to get to this point more quickly than others, so it is advisable to know in what way You are arriving at the moment. It is not necessary to arrive at the failure to have performed a good exercise routine.


• Food: Whenever you do a physical activity with a goal such as increasing volume or reducing weight you have to know that the basis of everything is food, if you want to see your abdominals marked keep in mind that you will achieve a high protein diet and low in fats and carbohydrates it is good to receive the help of a supplement in this case of a protein or amino acid and a fat or thermogenic burner, this does not mean that if you do not have these elements you can not have the abdominals marked, they are only an aid .


Friends do not forget that rest and feeding are 80% to reach your goal, exercise is only 20% both are very important, both go hand in hand, and with the combination of these two you will achieve your goals.
Do not forget that it is very important to perform different types of crunches, change the routine each day of training in this way your body will not have time to get used to the routine.


The exercises that I mention in the post are not the only ones that exist or the only ones that can be done, there are different types of abs that each group can work on, they can even do their own exercise routine with their own type of exercise, I would like them to send us their exercise to know how they do it.

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