Well, although it is a problem to maintain our figure and weight it is important for the functioning of the human body, obviously in the exact quantities, it is in this way that we need to explain that the fat is in the body of the animals and in the seeds, it is basically constituted by esters of glycerin and fatty acids. You exist three types of fats that generally contain per gram of fat 9 calories:

• Saturated fats .- are difficult to remove fats that are in solid state at room temperature that are usually found in animal products but also coconut and palm oil.

• Unsaturated fats.- Normally they are in a liquid state at room temperature, the organism can not produce them naturally and they must be consumed from the environment, the most common form are oils. This type of fat is subdivided into two types monounsaturated fats among the best known avocado and nuts as those that help reduce bad cholesterol. And the polyisaturates that are those that reduce lipoproteins or triglycerides the most well-known form are omega 3, omega 6 among others.

• Trans fat .- are the worst type of fat usually raise the levels of lipoproteins and triglycerides are usually found in hydrogenated shortenings and margarines and obviously in any food in which these products are used.

In this case, as is logical, we do not find supplements to complete fat requirements, however we will talk about supplements called fat burners that are the main allies when losing weight in fat. In this way the most effective way to reduce body fat is to reduce its consumption, and increase exercise. Although if you decide to have a little help from the fat burners do not forget that they have other components such as thermogenic and caffeine, we name these two since we think that we have to be careful because they can produce alterations in the pulse and hyperactivity therefore it is important to have A medical advice of which supplement is the best for you, do not forget to take into account cardiac affections in addition to hydrating yourself very well.



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