A good training for muscle development needs



• It should last between 30 and 45 minutes, but the rest of 48 hours as good rest time for the muscle. • Muscle growth occurs in all its splendor after training when the muscle is at rest after training.

• A workout to lose weight needs 20 minutes and maximum one hour.

• Recovery from weight loss training must be at least 48 hours.

• It is advisable to choose one to 2 muscles to work in the gym and not saturate them, that is, choose different muscles each day of training.

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• It is better that the training be of good quality and not just look at the quantity.

• It is very important to keep the body hydrated during training, about a couple of sips every 15 minutes of training.

• The water consumed during the day should be at least 3 liters of water, distributed throughout the day.

• Sleep for at least 7 hours is very important to help in muscle recovery.

• Any exercise routine should be accompanied by a balanced diet high in protein or carbohydrate depending on the objective to be achieved, to improve recovery and muscle development.

• The best results regardless of the objective are achieved with commitment, willpower and perseverance.

• Any routine can be done alone but it is better to have a training partner, it will give you strength when you need it most.


• Daily and prolonged workouts help to obtain better and faster results.

• The muscle grows during training, and you also get thin while you train.

• It is best to lose weight are only cardio workouts.

• It is better to work all the muscles in the gym in a single day of training.

• The more you train you will have better results.

• The weight you lift directly determines the size of your muscles.

• It is better not to drink water and weigh less after training.

• Sleeping less helps burn calories and keep you alert.

• The less you eat and train the more you will get better results especially for weight loss routines.

• Having a training partner always distracts you from the goal.

• There are so strong workouts that you only need a couple of days to get and keep your goals.

• The more repetitions your results will be more visible.

• The consumption of protein supplements makes you fat.

In conclusion and to help you the muscles are worked in the gym, they develop outside of it and the most important thing is a good diet, rest time and localized routines.

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