Let’s start with an easy to understand explanation, proteins are scientifically linear chains of amino acids composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. In real life proteins are responsible for forming muscles, and participate in all biological processes that occur in the human body from the defense of the body to the control and stability of it.

Once this is understood there are three main points that we want to tell you about:

1. Protein supplements.- There are different types of supplements, in this case we will devote ourselves to explaining protein supplements and amino acids, the protein that a person should consume varies from one gram to 2.5 grams in extreme case for each kilogram of weight, this variation is based on the amount of exercise you do and how much muscle your body has, the explanation goes on this side, the more muscle you have, you could consume 2.5 grams per kilo of weight otherwise if you have little muscle you should consume a gram, this not to saturate your kidneys and not to waste your supplement because your body is going to discard the excess protein you have, your supplement must be correctly dosed, the simplest way to obtain a numerical and applicable result is with our application where you can insert your data and it will help you to know how many grams of protein you need.

An important clarification is if your food has an approximate calculation for example of 20 grams of protein in total in the whole di and the application tells you that your total consumption should be 60 means in this case that protein deficiency for your body with the variation of the exercise is 40 grams amount that must be ingested directly from the supplement. Now moving to amino acid supplements are only proteins in their simple form therefore they are more easily absorbed and digested in this way the human body will take what it needs and fuse it to meet the requirements unlike protein supplements where the body must divide and select to meet these requirements, ie the difference is the speed of use for example the amino acids it is advisable to ingest them during or immediately after your exercise routine instead the protein supplements should be consumed before and after the routine .

2. Supplement labels. – The important data at this point are you must set how many grams of protein has the supplement that you are consuming per service, since the supplements of different brands vary the amount of grams of protein for that service, another data important is to look for the utopian supplement is one that has 0 grams of fat and 0 grams of carbohydrate unfortunately this is not possible, so worry about looking for the supplement with less fat and carbohydrate, plus it depends on the result you need It is very important to consume your supplement with water or skim milk to avoid increasing your fat intake.

3. Types of protein supplements.- There are in the market in general protein supplements of liver, meat, egg, whey, soy, this depends on the choice of each person, from experience I can say that I obtained better results with the protein of whey is obviously just a comment without medical experience and very personal. Of marks by subjects of ethics and besides the end of the post I can not recommend any brand specifically.

4. Age is important. – A person passing the years needs protein regardless if the person does or does not exercise and also excluding the results you want, for this reason we recommend taking proteins to complete the nutritional need obviously advised by a doctor, of this way you can keep your body healthy and very strong.

The images used are only informative, we do not recommend any supplement, we will write other post about this topic later

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