First, greet our dear readers, ready for the holidays and soon we will be with light recipes for Christmas. Now, we continue with our post, sweat = fat ?, important question taking into account that people think that when sweating is losing weight, well let’s clarify the term lose weight, is the word that best describes the loss of body fat and go down to If in addition to getting a better physical condition, however is not the same as losing weight considering that the body weight is made up of skin, bones, organs, muscles, fat and fluids, it is in this way that when one sweats If you lose weight but not body fat, not in the way you think at least.

There are people who take the option of using plastics attached to the body, strips that make us sweat and other types of accessories, which usually cause excessive sweating when doing some physical activity we must be aware that scientifically was not proven until the moment can lose fat through the pores by sweating, is the reason why I do not recommend using this type of accessories because with them you will lose weight through dehydration, if necessary the time you drink water you will recover the lost weight, without taking into account the great risk to which you expose your body.

The best thing is to perform varied physical activity with rest intervals so that the muscles can recover, obviously you will produce sweat but lose fat thanks to the process of thermogenesis and the need for energy that your body will have, do not forget always to have fresh water on hand and It would not hurt any kind of moisturizing liquid, this is the healthiest way to lose body fat and in this way lose weight but in fat and not in liquid.


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