Around the world there is an infinite amount of food, and everything depends on personal choices however I consumed certain types of food on which I base to select them, I hope that my list fits and allows you to locate your food in this way decide if they are good or not for your new regime.


– White bread.

– Butter.

Milk cream.

– Creamy cheeses

– Fritters

– Soft drinks

– Sugar

– Sausages

– Alcohol (apart from the large amount of calories that dehydrates your body)


– Whole wheat bread (do not forget that this bread usually has more fat than normal, however, if consumption is allowed because it provides a large amount of fiber that regulates the digestive system)

– Yogurt (choose the one with less fat)

– Rice

– Eggs

– Noodle

– Any type of meat (the only condition is that it is baked, cooked, grilled or grilled)

– Broad beans

– Fruit (try to opt for those with less sugar)

– Broad beans

– Oatmeal (if it’s your turn to eat oatmeal, take care of the amount very much I recommend 2 spoons maximum)

FOOD THAT YOU CAN CONSUME FREELY (As long as you do not exceed your calories)

– Vegetables (as long as they are not fried or with a lot of dressing)

– Tea (without measure since your body needs rehydration also replaces the sugar by some other type of sweetener), coffee

– Gelatin (there is no measure in the consumption of gelatin assuming it is the one that does not have sugar.

– That would be the list basically, without reason to replace the medical opinion, personally I find it easier to remember which foods are allowed and which are not, you can add here some kind of variety of foods that you consume frequently.


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