1. Losing motivation too fast.- All bodies are different and therefore do not react the same. Normally, one notices a difference in measurements or weight 10 days after starting a low-calorie diet, however there are bodies that defend themselves better when they are exposed to this type of diet and show changes from the first month. In this case the best thing to do is learn to respect our body and give it time, just do not be discouraged, and that your new regime becomes a way of life and not just a temporary diet, so you can appreciate the changes.

2. Caloric intake too low .- When you try to accelerate weight loss by supporting a calorie intake too low expose you to different outcomes, none satisfactory, you can have a general body decompensation with characteristics such as dizziness, weakness, indisposition and even another type of longer-term failures such as malnutrition, anemia, among others, so DO NOT DOOOO. Another outcome could be that you feel an unbearable impulse to eat and that this impulse wins your will, then you will have a binge of food that will have harmed all your effort of the day, in this case it can also happen that, the body being so incredible absorbs all the ingested food as it would be preparing for another situation of scarcity, something similar to what would do with water in the desert and in this way it will be almost impossible to lose fat.

3. Get discouraged after a holiday for food.- There are days not always a special date where one can hardly refuse food either because he is invited to the house of a relative or friend, be it a birthday or that kind of events, It is understandable and I say it from experience sometimes you can not resist this temptation, if you succeeded it would be great but if not the next day is a new day and a new opportunity to start again, resume your regime, drink a lot of water and not you feel bad because if you had the strength to resume your regimen you are on a very good path.

4. Boredom.- the number of variations and ways to cook food in a healthy way are endless, there are many new things to try not to limit yourself to one type of dish the only thing that you will cause is that your organism begins to reject that preparation and it will result a punishment to continue with your regime.

5. Skip meals.- When one is in a regime with lower caloric load the body has a very urgent need to renew energy, do not deprive it of energy you can harm it, a good solution will be to load cereal bars or some fruit in your bag or portfolio, so in the case of not having time to prepare something more elaborate this can save the moment obviously do not replace all the time or all your meals with this solution, it is only to save emergencies.

6. Do not resist social pressure.- Although this may seem a very important point because of my own experience, I can say that the social pressure is very strong and if you achieve this you will have gained 50 percent of the battle, you have to be prepared to respond politely and without hurting anyone especially your family (usually your dad and mom), the reason why you dropped your ration or changed your way of eating you have to take into account that they care about your wellbeing, search for valid arguments and convince them to join your new habit, as for friends prepare to explain to everyone what is your new way of life and maybe you do not eat or drink with the same frequency but that does not deprive you of be in your company, your friends will truly respect your decision.

7. Confusing.- Many times the body needs to hydrate or is very tired and people have the tendency to confuse that with hunger, when you need to eat something, in a schedule that is not the usual try to drink a glass of water first a couple of minutes and check if you’re still hungry, in case you have the opportunity to take a little nap of about 5 to 10 minutes DO IT your body will thank you, in case you do not have this opportunity and tried drinking water, you can eat a portion of something fresh (in this case a portion could be half an apple).

8. Your spirit and your body deserve rewards.- there are snacks that will never leave, your favorite candy or a bit of junk food and if you are already in the maintenance period (when you have reached a certain weight) you can once week choose a food ¨ capricious ¨ and give free rein to your desire … well not so much control the amount and always attentive when your body tells you that you are satisfied. In case you are not in the maintenance period we can take or eat a snack every two or three weeks, remember that there are always ways to eat junk food a little more healthy.

9. Do not give the necessary importance to the nutrition information labels. – To begin try to always look for food with explicit nutritional content (as long as it is something processed, the fresh is always more beneficial), and take your time to analyze, many times the foods have the word light or reduced in calories, or low in sugar or legends of this type, however it can be low in sugar but high in fat or vice versa, or is with the legend of light but not report for what type of regime Eating well, it is a very important part of your new habit.

10. Think dietary supplements are magical. There is not a weight loss supplement in the world that acts while you eat junk food and do not perform physical activity. You have to take into account that this is only a handful and generally helps burn fat by the process of thermogenesis but you have to do your part to take advantage of them in their entirety, taking into account that the best are not very cheap.

11. Excess of exercise.- Clarifying a little the previous point regarding the exercise there are situations where the quality surpasses by a lot to the amount, this is referred to, a good cardio routine with strength training is recommended that it does not exceed 1 hour in total with a variation of plus minus 15 minutes, after this especially the girls body starts to release the hormone called cortisol and thus generate the reverse effect ie the body starts to consume energy directly from the muscle and reserves the fat, this As a consequence, body fat increases. Regarding the frequency by experience we recommend that it be every other day so that the muscles can recover and not reach the above mentioned. One more advice try to perform different exercises and work different muscles every time you touch your routine.

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